Jermaine Jackson Breaks His Silence On Brother Michael

Access Hollywood’s Pat O’Brien chatted with Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine Jackson on Tuesday’s show. A transcript of their interview is posted on their website. On the pedophile charges and his brother’s motivation to settle for a reported $20 million, Jermaine said, “What that was — and I feel that I can speak out on it — when someone really did something like that, would money solve the problem? No. I think I know this was motivated by money. There have been people who have been working on my brother who had said, ‘If you ever get rid of me I’ll make sure you never sell another record in your life.'”

Jermaine Jackson On Tuesday’s Access Hollywood

July 22, 2002 – Michael Jackson’s brother Jermaine will be on Tuesday’s Access Hollywood with Pat O’Brien to sound off on the media’s charges and insinuations about his brother being a pedophile and his strange physical appearance. Check your local listings.

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