‘Jersey Girl’ Bennifer Wedding Scene Cut

Just about a year before Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez nixed their $2 million September nups, ‘Jersey Girl’ director Kevin Smith had them on set at St. John’s Church in Paulsboro, New Jersey in a “low-rent version of their dream day.” After the implosion of their real wedding last September, the director decided to scrap the scene altogether. “I didn’t know (if it was right) to leave it in,” Smith tells Us Weekly. “People might forget they’re watching a picture, like, ‘Wait, didn’t these two not get married?”’ He added, “At least, I got to go to one of their weddings. And I didn’t even have to buy a gift!”

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony On Secret Romantic Getaway

February 25, 2004 – Jennifer was photographed secretly departing Los Angeles on her multi million dollar Gulfstream IV jet with a man believed to be Marc Anthony. Sources say that Jennifer once realizing the story had broken about her apparent steamy affair with Anthony decided to try to get away from the mass of media camped outside her Hollywood Hills retreat. The destination of the jet is unknown.

Cris Judd Still There For Jennifer Lopez

February 24, 2004 – Us Weekly spoke with Cris Judd about his recent sightings with Paulina Rubio. “I met her when I was with Jen,” Judd explained. “We’re just working together on her new album.” He added, “We’re just cool, just got back from Miami for her record release party.” As for his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez, he says he’s “been in touch” with the diva by e-mail since her split from Ben Affleck. “I will always be there for her, if she wants to reach out to me,” Judd said. “My phone’s always on.”

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2 thoughts on “‘Jersey Girl’ Bennifer Wedding Scene Cut

  1. Hotstar says:

    Kevin Smith is a moron. I think it would have helped the movie if the scene were left in. Some people for some reason might have like to see them get married. I think they will end up cutting J.lo out of the whole movie just to avoid being compared to Gigli. And when the hell is this damn movie supposed to be released. It seems like they shot this 10 years ago.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    I’m going to boycott this film, there’s no point in seeing it. First of all, they already spoiled the plot saying Jennifer was only in the first 10 minutes, and then she dies. Oh, and if it was 10 minutes before and now this scene is cut it’s probably only 8 minutes now. I can’t stand Ben right now, and I swear if he ruined Jen’s career to any degree he’ll get his sooner than later.

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