Jess Origliasso And Ruby Rose Kissing Picture

A poster at flickr uploaded an image of MTV’s Ruby Rose making out with her girlfriend of at a club in Australia, an image which got the snapper in trouble with the couple. ‘Alex Foureyes’ claims she had no idea who the kissing pair were, and was just taking random shots. “I don’t think they had any idea that I wasn’t actually taking a picture of them because of who they are,” Alex writes. “Jeez. What an ego. If they had simply asked me nicely I could’ve given a simple explanation and very probably would’ve handed over the roll of film.”

Update: The picture at has since been removed, but captured the couple kissing again.

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8 thoughts on “Jess Origliasso And Ruby Rose Kissing Picture

  1. Montus Morris says:

    to that Alex bloke. who cares if you didn’t know them. who goes around taking photos of other people kissing. your a perv and if you took my photo uninvited you would be leaving in a hearse.

  2. mimpop says:

    First of all Alex four eyes is a girl…get your facts straight.
    and she isn’t a perv she’s actually an amazing photographer who was taking shots of everything.
    and those too should count themselves lucky anyone would want their picture…can anyone say D list celebs?
    i actually had to Google who ruby rose is. MTV, seriously? she’s like a z list celeb, if that…

  3. alex foureyes says:

    montus morris: get a clue first. really.

    mimpop: miriam. you champ.

  4. Colin says:

    lol, bloke, lol, perv, I love internet people, I got tears laughing so hard from this one.

    i didn’t know who Ruby Rose was either, those 2 need all the publicity they can get.
    I do know Jess Origliasso, her boobs were flashed all over the internet recently. I love the internet.

  5. LaLaLibby says:

    I don’t know either of them personally but they look good kissing,i think ruby rose is gorgeous but I had to see her on the net to remember her name,i forgot it when I saw her on the Arias hehe got snapping Alex

  6. Chikedechinadachincesechicken says:

    aw I love Ruby Rose!! she’s fantastic!! I’m not a fan of Jess though.
    why don’t people just leave others be? I mean seriously, who goes around in a club taking pictures of ‘random’ people kissing?
    my bet is that Alex was there to be paparazzi

  7. andy says:

    Ruby Rose was only discovered like a year ago. So she may not be an “A” list star, but she is getting more famous by the day.

    and this Alex girl is pathetic. if you are such a good photographer as you claim, you should know about something called “ethics”. who takes photos of people kissing, seriously? especially if you don’t know them!

    and of course they’d get mad. it doesn’t matter how famous they are (or think they are) nobody likes it when their privacy is exploited like that. it has nothing to do with their ego.

  8. leslie g. says:

    I agree with Andy and it shouldn’t matter

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