Jess Origliasso Turns Her Nose Up To Inferior Musicians

Jess Origliasso of had a lot of fans speculating after writing on Twitter (@Jessicaveronica) about some industry peers who should look for another means of employment. Jessica did specify that she wasn’t talking about the Jonas Brothers or Demi Lovato. The blonde twin writes:

I don’t think I can lie anymore about bands that I don’t think deserve to be making music..

They might be the sweetest people, and friends of mine.. but I want the music industry to EVOLVE.. So I cant lie anymore. I just really can’t.

Guyss, 4 the record, Jo Bros, and Demi are insanely talented.. & I was NOT talking about them!

They are much more talented and credible then alot of ‘tattooed poser bands’ etc.

haha guys there is alot of them out there.. and I’m not going to bad mouth people, because Its tacky….!

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One thought on “Jess Origliasso Turns Her Nose Up To Inferior Musicians

  1. CazMinx says:

    She is totally talking about Metro Station. She’s gotta be! Metro supported The V’s on their Oz tour and the girls did not seem to be too into them at all

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