Jess Stickley Takes The Ultimate Road Trip To Holland

Just before Girls Can’t Catch left for Scotland to begin their Choice for Life concert series on Monday, Jess Stickley took some time out for a family trip to Holland, which included a visit to the famous tulip park Keukenhof. In a blog at the British girl group’s MySpace (@girlscantcatch), the singer told readers:

So as we’re currently getting ready and really excited to start the Scottish tour, as well as our current club tour, I decided to have a quick relaxing break away to Holland to see some of my family who live there :) and Jess the bear did sneak in my case too!

Because of all the volcano drama, we decided that it would be easier to drive so we had the ultimate road trip – normally the drive to some of our gigs are long so I’m used to the long journeys but this was 10 hours – the longest I’ve ever done! ha-ha

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