Jess Stickley Talks About Girls Can’t Catch’s ‘Hollyoaks’ Appearance

Jess Stickley of Girls Can’t Catch checked in with fans on the girl group’s blog at MySpace (@girlscantcatch) on Wednesday (July 1) after their appearance on ‘Hollyoaks’ last week. Stickley writes:

Friday 26th [June] was the airing of our appearance on Hollyoaks as the band that played at their graduation ball! Funnily enough it landed on the same day as my own graduation and prom which was really cool!

When we spent the day in Liverpool filming for Hollyoaks all those weeks back, we had no clue of what the finished product would look like – all we knew was that we had to film in silence and mime and dance to nothing because we were a part of a key scene in which the characters are talking by the side of the stage!

Watch the ‘Hollyoaks’ performance at YouTube.

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