Jesse Carmichael Reacts To Prop 8 Passage

Jesse Carmichael of checked in with fans from Brazil on the band’s blog at MySpace (@maroon5) on Thursday (November 6). The keyboardist tells readers:

We’re in Rio right now… show tomorrow night… such a beautiful place… amazing mountains… the ocean… trees… birds… people smiling… a lot of poverty… traffic… a lot of traffic all over the world… I wonder if we’ll ever find another planet we can get to safely and live on… wouldn’t that be great… we’d know how to do a lot of things differently… we’d be able to figure out how many people the environment could comfortably and sustainably support… we’d use renewable energy sources like Wind and Solar from the beginning so we wouldn’t have such a pollution problem… and then we’d have more time to figure out why it is that humans have such a hard time getting along…

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