Jesse Jackson Comes To King Of Pop’s Defense

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Friday night, “Reverend Jesse Jackson says he doesn’t think can get a fair trial. He says he can’t get a fair trial because there aren’t any black people on the jury. Yeah. And today prosecutors pointed out that there are no black people on trial.”

Sister Of Jackson’s Accuser Testifies

March 5, 2005 – The sister of Michael Jackson’s alleged accuser has testified that Jackson gave her brother alcohol. Watch a report on Friday’s testimony from CBS News’ Vince Gonzales below the cut. Additional Friday trial coverage and video from the inside of Jackson’s bedroom from Sky News has since been removed.

Jackson Accuser’s Mom Pocketed $4,000

March 4, 2005 – Roger Friedman of reports that the mother of Michael Jackson’s accuser received $4,000 from London’s Daily Mail newspaper for an exclusive interview that ran on February 8, 2003… the day after ‘Living with Michael Jackson’ aired on ITV in London. The writer of the piece, David Gardner, are preparing to put Gardner on the stand as part of their defense, Friedman is told. Read more.

Leno Wants Jacko Gag Order Lifted

March 4, 2005 – ‘Tonight Show’ host Jay Leno has been subpoenaed in the child molestation case and wants the gag order lifted, as his opening monologue is heavily dependent on Jacko jokes.

Bubbles Was Asking For It

March 4, 2005 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Thursday night, “In a new interview, Michael Jackson’s former brother-in-law says that he once saw Michael doing inappropriate things to his chimp, Bubbles. Yeah, after hearing this, Michael said Bubbles was asking for it, ’cause he was dressed like a whore. … Nothing worse than a chimp that dresses like a whore. Speaking of Michael Jackson, this is a very strange twist on this whole thing. Jay Leno has been subpoenaed as a witness in the trial. This is true. So Leno may be banned from doing Michael Jackson jokes in his monologue. Yeah, as a result, Jay Leno has been put on suicide watch.”

Jay Leno’s Thursday Jacko-Logue

March 4, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Thursday night, “Let’s see what’s happening in the news, and I’m allowed to talk about! [Laughter] You know about this gag order? I’m a potential witness in the Michael Jackson trial. As you know, the gag order for everyone involved in Michael Jackson’s trial. In fact, I believe I’m the first person over the age of 12 that has been gagged by Michael. … So, tonight, folks, all Tito Jackson jokes. That’s what we have tonight! … Although he’s under a gag order, also, Michael did answer one reporter’s question yesterday. Did you see this? Show that footage of Michael answering. Michael, Michael? How do you feel about missing the Boy Scouts Jamboree this weekend? Michael: Angry. … In their opening argument, the defense says that Michael Jackson freely admits he reads girly magazines. Well, he was disappointed when he bought Playboy and found out, uh oh, there are no boys in it. … They say Michael likes to look at the foldout and fantasize, ‘Oh, man, I wouldn’t mind artificially inseminating her.'”

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  1. BriAnna says:

    WTF. That’s not funny PATHETIC is the word leave Michael alone. RIP MJ

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