Jesse McCartney Discusses Acne Issues With Jackie & Bender

was on the line with the Jackie & Bender show on KISS 106.1 FM in Seattle on Monday (February 28). One of the morning show girls was joking about the countdown to his 18th birthday is like it was with guys for the Olsen Twins. He also talked about ‘Summerland’ premiering tonight, with Carmen Electra joining the cast for 5-6 episodes which he doubted at first but she surprised him. McCartney wished Cameron Diaz would join the cast, but then he talked a bit about her acne problem, which prompted them to joke about the big zit he had last time he was in Seattle. That got him talking about the makeup he has to deal with on the set of ‘Summerland’. They wrapped up with a lightning round. has since removed the audio.

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