Jesse McCartney Has His Eye On Rachel Bilson

Johnjay and Rich of 104.7 KISS FM in Phoenix talked to about his upcoming concert with ‘American Idol’ season six winner and local girl Jordin Sparks.

Jesse said ‘It’s Over’ is likely to be the next single off his new album ‘Departure’, while ‘My Baby’ will definitely be a single. He added that he’s been texting Jordin about possibly doing a duet together on the tour, and gave the DJ’s kudos for getting a best morning show nomination. They then talked about the new ‘Dark Knight’ Batman movie, which Jesse said he’s seen four times and added that “it’s such a sad story” with Heath Ledgers death. As for his own movie projects, he said he’s busy with the album and now the tour, but would like to sign onto a movie next year.

Asked if he’s dating anybody famous, “I haven’t man. I’ve been so busy, but I do my thing. I feel that it’s a lot of work, trying to put time in with somebody who’s got a career. I’ve done it before.” When they suggested Rachel Bilson, he said, “Oh man, I love Rachel Bilson. She’s got the girl next door but the kinda sexy thing going on as well. She’s beautiful man, I’m with you.”

The interview audio at has since been removed.

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