Jesse McCartney Messes Up National Anthem Before NASCAR Fontana Race

just performed ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ at today’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Fontana, California, but the pop singer missed a verse (or two) and was off-key during the disappointing national anthem rendition. Jesse had told fans prior to the performance on his Twitter (@jessemcCartney):

On my way to Auto Club Spdwy for NASCAR. Getting ready to sing the National Anthem. 12pm PST on ABC.

First Nascar race! Singin’ the Anthem today! I’ll be the guy with yellow earplugs! LOUD!!!!

The situation is generating some buzz on Twitter, with opinions ranging from “epic fail”, “moron” and “idiot”.

Update: TMZ has the video.

Update II: Jesse had this to say on his Twitter:

Here At the Nascar race! So much fun! Can’t believe I forgot the words to the Anthem! I’ve performed it 100 times. Bad Nerves today I guess

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45 thoughts on “Jesse McCartney Messes Up National Anthem Before NASCAR Fontana Race

  1. Kimberly says:

    Hey, everyone makes mistakes, this isn’t the first time he’s sung the national anthem, but it is the first time he’s forgotten the words. The kid was nervous. What’s important is he kept going with his head held high. He sounded great, give him a break.

  2. Spud says:

    What an idiot. Doesn’t even know our National Anthem. How hard is it to practice before making a fool of yourself.

  3. Robert says:

    I was watching for the Nascar and saw that he made a big mistake. Very embarrassing but he’s human, we all have our off days and make mistakes. I would never have the courage to stand in front of thousands of people either.

  4. christine says:

    Everyone makes mistakes! He’s human >.< This was not his first time singing the National Anthem. All the other times, he did GREAT!

  5. desiree. says:

    wow, really. he didn’t even do that bad. everyone messes up ? who cares. Jesse’s amazing . now, shut up seriously. ok thanks (:

  6. iluvjessemac422 says:

    i think Jesse did amazing and he was so good don’t diss him he was great!!!!!!!!

  7. mccarty13 says:

    it was just one mistake everyone makes mistakes just leave him alone

  8. Kimberly says:

    Yes he made a very big mistake, but don’t we all? Whats important is he brushed it off, and kept going with his head held high. He’s human just like you and me. Jesse is very talented and is writing for many people from Toni Braxton to David Archuleta, give him a break.

  9. marthamccfan says:


    What?? Idiot??
    I’d like to see them in their place.
    He’s human, everyone can make mistakes!
    Think: Are not you nervous at an event would put it?

    He’s amazing!

    @JesseMcCartney Courage! You’re awesome! An error has it either!

    Martha McC Fan 4ever!!

  10. sunny says:

    LEAVE JESSE ALONE…HE’S HUMAN TOO! and he is a very talented and hot guy…don’t hate people!

  11. jessemacfan says:

    so what if he messed up? a lot of celebs miss lyrics, get over it.

  12. Holly says:

    leave him alone; poor thing, let’s see you sing the national anthem. he did the best he could,and I am a fan and proud of him. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it..

  13. jessica says:

    who cares if he messed up?! get over it! he forgot words, he never fell off stage or anything (even if that happened it would be nothing big cause plenty do). just let it go! it happens to every singer! :-) , x

  14. kindra says:

    he is amazing and he has sang the national anthem just fine before! HE’S GREAT! who cares if he messed up!

  15. Trisha says:

    Haters, you don’t know what it is like to be in his shoes! He has sang the national anthem lots of times perfectly. he got nervous, so what? He’s human! At least he has the courage to sing in front of thousands of people, and still be able to get through it. I respect him for that! Even after messing up, he still pulled through and got cheered, I bet no one else could have done that. I’d like to see all of you ignorant ones get up there and sing in front of everyone! And there is a reason why he is up there singing, because he has talent. No one is perfect, so all of you calling him a moron, you’re morons for judging others for one simple mistake.

  16. Vik says:

    so what if he messed up, he was wicked nervous. loads of people mess up singing it all the time at sporting events. why pick on him?! I still love him.

  17. Casey says:

    So he sounded a little off one day, everyone has those days. Lay off!

  18. Kara says:

    I think everyone needs to give Jesse some slack. I personally think he sounded amazing.

    He’s human. He made a mistake. Get over it.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Ya know what, who cares! he’s human! It happens. Everyone makes mistakes and I thought he was very professional about it. He messed up but just kept going. We all make mistakes! Don’t make him feel dumb about it and don’t make fun of him for it! He’s a very talented artist and I don’t think he should be getting teased about it. I’d like to see anyone of you haters go out there and sing in front of millions of people and see how well you do! Good luck, seriously! Leave the poor kid alone. I think he rocked and I think always rocks no matter what! GO JESSE!!! <3

  20. Crystal says:

    Everyone makes mistakes!! Leave Jesse alone, he is a great, wonderful, talented singer, etc. Leave him alone!!

  21. Mikaela says:

    poor Jesse, he was nervous and hes getting crap from all of you! I admire his courage to get up there and the fact he even finished the song.

  22. Chantele says:

    Ummm people? He sucked. Who cares if he sang it alright other times… People are criticizing this performance… Because he did screw up… And he is supposedly a professional singer so we expect him to sing well… and know the words… It’s just a given…

  23. Kyle says:

    Sorry, but he’s in the wrong business if he gets nervous in front of crowds. The National Anthem is the one song every American should be required to know, regardless of whether you ever have to sing it in front of a crowd or not. No excuses here, sorry.

  24. JMac loverrr says:

    he sounded amazing and everyone makes mistakes! people need to look past this one mess up and support Jesse for all the great songs he has put out there!

  25. Big Snap-Daddy says:

    The time to forget the words (I’m not sure how you do that when YOUR JOB IS TO SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM) IS NOT on stage in front of the world at a NASCAR Race. The kid screwed up and he’ll probably admit it easier than all the excuse makers who feel sorry for him. Give him a cheat sheet next time.

  26. Shandyjean says:

    Dude he knows the national anthem he’s performed it hundreds of times!! he just messed up..

  27. dana says:

    leave the poor guy alone! he tried at least! hell, I’d be nervous too! he’s very talented and should be respected because he’s amazing! I’m a huge fan of his, and always will be! way to go Jesse! :)

  28. im Holly. says:

    ya know what.
    give this kid a break.
    he sounded amazing even though he forgot the words.
    at least he didn’t stop or act like he messed up.
    he was nervous and JUST A KID.
    and to all you people who are like “what an idiot” I’d like to see you morons get up in front of that many people and sing.
    that’s all I have to say.

  29. Karyn says:

    Why do you think they record music in a studio ?

  30. DJ Nubbins says:

    are you kidding me? this kid ain’t no American. its his JOB to sing songs, LEARN THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. bob says:

    If he is so professional and has sung it before then 1 he should not be nervous and 2 he should KNOW the words. And worst case carry cue cards with you next time. WHAT A FREAKING IDIOT. I could sing it better and I am not even a singer and I know the words.

  32. Pam says:

    Jesse is awesome. Always has been and always will be. He’s human and we all make mistakes. I just hate that he is in the celebrity spotlight and critics will not let him forget this for a very long time. If it were you or I, it would be forgotten by next week. You’re awesome Jesse!! Keep Rockin’ On!!!!!

  33. rose says:

    What everyone’s forgetting to mention is that he’s a PROFESSIONAL SINGER so should be used to performing in front of huge crowds plus HE’S NOT A KID ANYMORE!!!!
    So enough of saying that someone else couldn’t get up in front of millions of people & sing because WE’RE NOT PROFESSIONALS guys. And in the real world most 20 some-
    things aren’t considered kids & don’t expect people to baby them.

  34. Bob from Allentown says:

    I cannot believe you are all giving him a break. He is an idiot and a NO-talent. This is one of the most important songs in the US and I am pretty sure that the kids are taught this anthem in elementary school.

  35. Clarkwithane says:

    I am a professional singer/ song writer, and I have made my share of mistakes, But with the National Anthem, which I perform on guitar, I will rehearse over, and over, and over again as to not hit a wrong phrasing or a wrong note, because everyone knows that song and sings along with it. You slow it down or you hammer it into your head and you do it and you do it right. Have played in front of thousands… Who’s nervous?

  36. Clarkwithane says:

    ever heard of a live album?

  37. DJ Nubbins says:

    all you who be defending this lil brat need to get your head on straight! if it’s just because you like the way he looks, then ask him out! but don’t b saying he’s a great singer or that he just made a lil mistake n give him a break! look at his twitter message, he don’t care! he just thinks it’s a joke! its NOT a joke, its the national anthem! learn the words OR LEAVE THIS COUNTRY! WE DON’T NEED POSERS WHO CAN’T SING OUR GREAT SONG!!!!!

  38. usnavy vet says:

    As a prior service member and a Nascar fan I am deeply disappointed. You people need to remember that Nascar is one of the last American sports traditions this country really has left and has a huge military following not only here but overseas as well. And to have this kid screw up a song that means so much to me and my fellow brothers and sisters wearing the uniform is truly disappointing. He may be a good singer to all the teeny bopper girls out there but he has definitely tarnished his reputation as being a national anthem singer.

  39. kodiaks dad says:

    I thought something was missing, where were the planes overhead?

  40. makala new girl22 says:

    Omg I can’t believe he messed up the National Athem.

  41. queen kyiesha says:

    how could Jesse forget the national anthem anyone could sing it. it’s like he didn’t care. and Jesse never gets nerves. if he could sing in front of millions of people he shouldn’t get nerves with singing the national anthem.

  42. person says:

    For all of you who are slamming the poor kid, why don’t you try standing in his shoes and you see what happens.

  43. chyanne says:

    Everyone is right leave him alone he tried his best out their so back off ok how would like it if people side things about you so what if he messed up in front of that many people why don’t you try see what it fells like to mess up see what happens to you see if you run off or what you do ok.

  44. erica says:

    i know I’m a lot late on this but i don’t see the big deal, he made one little mess up, its not like he bomb the USA. and its not about weather your professional or not, I’ve seen little kids get up on stage and sing so why don’t you characters try it. bet you wont be so big then. Jessie was mature about it and kept going and then after words didn’t let it bother him and if it doesn’t bother him them it shouldn’t us. I’m proud of him and for the ones who can see past this. its like a job and you guys are gonna tell me you never messed up on a job before, well singing is a job and like acting or any job at all everyone forgets lines and tools or a step to something, its natural. he even had enough courage to make his dream come true in the first place, most ya’ll haters are gonna be wishen you were him. i look up to Jesse, hes a great inspiration in my book. i know that if i was him i would have totally frozen but he didn’t he kept going. and yeah hes 22 but your gonna say your not gonna want a break when your 22 and make a mistake okay so if your one of the low lifes no ones gonna give you break, apparently its wrong. but i think everyone deserves a break especially him. he works hard to get where he is and we should all respect that. you all just want to start drama. that right there tells you where you can get in life with that. good luck and i love you Jesse you handled it very well.

  45. Kelsey says:

    to the person above…you have a book?

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