Jessica Jarrell Battles A Cold And Sore Throat

Jessica Jarrell

checked in with her Twitter followers (@jessicajarrell) earlier this week as she continued to battle a sore throat and cold. The teen pop singer writes:

Just woke up! My throat still hurts like crazy….I should go back to sleep lol

Sick :( resting it up so I can hit the studio soon as I get better!

Aawwww @jasminevillegas is sick too :( get better Jas! Love you <3 Good morning! Still tryna get better..I hate being sick because I can't go to the studio or rehearsal...I have to rest -__- #nobuddy lol laying down...but still thinking about how you guys are gonna love all the new music and stuff coming for you! :D Just had dinner! I'm so full! Going home to lay down so I can try and get well!

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