Jessica Jarrell Falls Flat On Her Face

Jessica Jarrell

checked in with her Twitter followers (@jessicajarrell) on Thursday (June 3), revealing an embarrassing moment she suffered through. The 15-year-old pop singer confessed:

Wanna hear something embarrassing that happen 2 me? lol

I had on super high heels and my mom and manager were walking really fast and I was trying to keep up and I fell flat on my face in the street

It sucked because a lot of people saw lol and my phone flew lol and my manager pulled me up really fast and got my phone lol

The sad part is a ton of people where like omg =O and I was on the ground for a few lol it hurt too lol but it was funny lol

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7 thoughts on “Jessica Jarrell Falls Flat On Her Face

  1. lololololol says:

    lol that’s what you get for thinking you are cute being 15 wearing hi-heels

  2. niyat says:

    wow that’s funny!!!

  3. Laurenn says:

    um to ‘lol’ STFU? You are just jealous ;)

  4. Julissa says:

    She’s really tall, always has been, so lol is right, we’ve always told her not to but she does xD

  5. nadja perry says:

    ha ha loser
    She’s ugly. Look at her nose close. I’m sorry.
    Diggy Simmons could do way better. She looks like a crack head in one of her pictures.
    In one of her videos I saw that she had a pimple I thought famous artists are supposed to have a clean face. My mistake thinking like that.

  6. Gabbylol says:

    Nadja Perry
    Shut up you are ugly!!!

  7. Cutiepie says:

    Yesssss. I luvvv diggy and i’m sure most of you girls out there do too!!! But that doesn’t mean u have to insult Jessica! She probably looks 30 times better than you guys anyway! I mean, look who has Diggy…….. She does! Haha . Lol!

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