Jessica Origliasso Relieved By West Memphis Three Freeing

Jessica Origliasso of is reacting to news that the West Memphis Three have agreed to a plea agreement which resulted in the immediate release of all three men, Damien Echols, Jessie Misskelley, Jr. and Jason Baldwin. The Australian pop singer tells her Twitter followers (@Jessicaveronica):

Just heard the ‘West Memphis Three’ have finally been released. Sad that these, now men, had 18 years of their lives raped by the US Justice system. Now maybe they can put their efforts into finding the real monsters of this crime.

My heart goes out to the these 3 men who have endured 18 years of hell from a system that should have protected them.

@BrotherPeter Its a fu**ing joke that they would have to plead guilty so that the system isn’t mocked upon for locking up 3 innocent men

My heart breaks for these 3 boys, now men. May they now be able to live their lives freely.

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