Jessica Simpson Fans Show Mass Support

Contributed by chris:

Back in December 2001, a member on the Jessica Simpson’s message board called Joe Simpson’s Gurl asked fellow board members to show their support for Jessica by typing her name and continually adding on to one post. The MB’s were set to beat Lil Bow Wow’s record of 900 posts as registered on the Sony Forums home page. Thus far the number of Type posts rests at 20,874 replies.

Horniness Finally Gets Nick & Jessica Engaged

March 6, 2002 – The National Enquirer reports and her 98 Degree’s boyfriend decided to get married to each other finally, because they were aching to have sex. A source close to Simpson told the Enquirer, “To put it frankly, she and Nick just can’t wait any longer!” The source adds, “Jess is such a sexpot, especially in her singing act, that she can’t keep her legs crossed any longer.” Despite heavy pressure from Nick, Jessica only engaged in make-out sessions and heavy petting with the star.

Jessica Simpson Scrapbook

March 1, 2002 – Contributed by KKtwins:

Hello everyone! We are making a scrapbook for Jessica Simpson. We will have the great opportunity of meeting her this April. So, it will 100% get to her! We want to make it a really nice scrapbook. If you would like to donate to it, please email us ( for more information! Please help us make this a success!!!! Thanks!

Kristen and Kathy

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