Jessica Simpson Fresno Concert Review

Allison wrote up a review for the concert in Fresno last night, calling it ‘amazing’. Check it out below.

I went to the concert last night, and all I can say is, It was amazing! She introduced her new single “A little Bit,” and stunned the audience with a powerhouse performance of “I Wanna Love You Forever.” The girl’s got some powerful lungs! About halfway through the show, Jessica announced to the audience that this was the last show Ashlee [her little sister] would be performing with her, and that Ashlee is moving on to pursue her own dreams of becoming a singer/actress….The costumes went from being classic and traditional, to casual and funky, with sparkles all over!! During one of the costume changes, boys from the audience had the opportunity to show their talents on stage. The grand prize….a serenade of “When You Told Me You Loved Me,” by Jessica! The show was almost over, and it was time to do the finale…everyone got up out of their seats, and were going crazy!! She came out, and sang the last song of the night, “Irresistible.” I was so excited because I had front row seats and during this song, she came over to my side, I was screaming, “Jessica!!” and she smiled and waved to me!! She is an extremely talented singer and dancer, as well as a beautiful person, and I hope to see her in concert again!

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