Jessica Simpson Gets Emotional In MTV Special

Jessica Simpson crying when talking about the support she's received from her fans broke down in tears, as she relived the painful collapse of her marriage to for her new MTV special, ‘Jessica Simpson: A Public Affair’, which aired last night.

“At this moment in my life, I just want to be surrounded by something that brings out the positivity that I know that I have in my life,” Simspon said when asked about her future plans. “So I have this idea, to do this book, this photography book, with every picture explained to you guys why I took the picture, what I was feeling when I took the picture and what I see after I take the picture. It’s kind of like a journal but it gives you more because you can actually see and figure it out.”

Asked what she felt was her biggest accomplishment to date, the singer responded, “When I was younger, I always dreamt of being able to be on stage and hopefully offering you guys something from my soul and my heart. I knew that that was what I was supposed to do, so the fact that you guys are here is an accomplishment. You guys are amazing fans and I hope that there’s more out there in life that need to be touched and need to feel what I know I have to give, so you guys give me confidence, and that to me is an accomplishment.”

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