Jessica Simpson Gushes About Her Male Maid Husband Nick Lachey

Elysa Gardner of USA Today profiled a few of the new television series starring pop stars including ‘Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica’, profiling the recently married Jessica Simpson and of 98 Degrees, premiering on MTV on Tuesday night (10:30 ET/PT).

“Nick is amazing around the house,” Simpson gushes. “He has done his own laundry and ironed his shirts since he was in third grade. Whereas I’m totally spoiled – my mom used to make my bed, and I got used to staying in hotels where I could just leave my towels on the floor and know that a maid would bring fresh ones. So the usual male/female roles are reversed with us.”

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3 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Gushes About Her Male Maid Husband Nick Lachey

  1. HoneyRain says:

    using marriage to boost her career.. WARNING Jessica: this is what has gotten Jenny on the bleep in so much sh**.. it’s so pathetic that in every interview she’s talking about her marriage instead of her music and the “quality” of her album. she promotes her loss of virginity and peeing on herself more than she does her career. how stupid.

  2. bookmarker says:

    what I love is how Jessica said that she has dreamed of being married her whole life. What does she think marriage is, just screwing? She is not domestic and she does not support her husband- she just burdens him with her constant need for praise/attention and all her dirty habits. can you all say :PR STUNT!

  3. VOLCOMchik says:

    Jessica Simpson seriously makes me sick.. all she talks about is her stupid marriage, he looks like a bear. she looks like a lion… they’d have ugly kids. and I seriously wish that they both would realize they have no life, no career, and no money…. sh**, my house is way bigger then their shack

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