Jessica Simpson: Mediocrity At Its Worst

Contributed Anonymously:

is the worst kind of pop star. She has a good voice but it’s certainly not mind-blowing. She makes okay albums but they are totally out of date 90’s style. She’s hot but try’s way too hard to look stylish. She’s famous, but no one can really pin point why. All up she’s completely mediocre.

Jessica came out with other teen pop sensations Britney and Christina. In a way she’s stuck between them. A far greater voice than Spears but a long way off Aguilera’s. This is her main problem. She can’t do the light hip hop/pop style Britney’s adopted but neither can she pull off a “Beautiful”. She’s stuck with crap that sounds like rejects from a late 90s Mariah album.

The style of her music is soooooo out of date. She hasn’t moved with the times and is wasting her talent on dull, generic, 90’s pop ballads. While I’m not saying she should change to fit the current mold, she could just try mixing it up a little, trying something original.

There’s no denying Jess is a beautiful girl but she comes across as a try hard. The clothes she wears are way too Beauty Queen for the current market. She tries to be so sexy but fails miserably because it’s all too thought out. When Britney or Christina wear something (bad or good) they make it their own. Jessica looks like her outfits been chosen by 20 stylists, 10 friends and her mum.

Lastly, while she’s achieved a large degree of fame, no one can say why. Other stars are known for their work and for their personal lives. Even Britney gains a lot of her fame from her music, videos, perfume etc. But not Jessica. She’s known purely for her rocky marriage and STUPID comments. When was the last time you heard anything about her work?

is mind numbingly average and not worth the ink and paper the latest boring story about her mediocre life is printed on.

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