Jessica Simpson Meets Her Dunce Cap Match: Paris Hilton

Thanks to Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie on ‘The Simple Life’, premiering tonight on Fox, the airhead cracks about may be transferring. Several news accounts suggest Paris is even more ignorant than the Chicken of the Sea’ singer.

Jonathan Storm of KRT writes, “Paris makes TV’s other dumb-bunny diva, Jessica Simpson, seem like Christiane Amanpour.”

Terry Morrow of The Knoxville News Sentinel writes, “She makes Jessica Simpson look like a Mensa candidate.”

Bill Frost of Salt Lake City Weekly writes, “Jessica Simpson is going to have to seriously step up her pinhead game next season on Newlyweds.”

Alisha Davis of CNN Headline News writes, “Let’s just say that Jessica Simpson won’t be the butt of all those dumb blond jokes after this series premieres.”

The entire story at has since been removed.

JC Chasez Wrote A Song For Paris Hilton

November 25, 2003 – Contributed by jcsfan88: Paris Hilton wants to be famous for more than just being famous. Rolling Stone reports that Hilton is recording an album with one of JC Chasez’s producers, Rob Boldt. Boldt describes Paris’s music as “old Prince, old Michael Jackson.” JC has also written a song for her.

Bush Thanks Jacko, Paris & Charles

November 19, 2003 – News satire website reports United States President George W. Bush congratulated Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton and Charles today for becoming involved in major scandals that kept Iraq out of the headlines.

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4 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Meets Her Dunce Cap Match: Paris Hilton

  1. shadybaby says:

    Oh yea she’ll still be made fun of.

  2. PandaBear2003 says:

    Of course she will because by the time THIS finished taping Paris LEARNED A WHOLE TON of things and Jessica STILL has not.

  3. locomaza says:

    Paris didn’t even know what Walmart was!!! She thought it was some kind of store for walls and stuff! But if what you said was true…then Jessica would be already smarter than Paris is :)

  4. PandaBear2003 says:

    Do we know that Jessica knows what WALMART is? She may think Paris was correct and like I said Paris WAS more clueless than Jessica, WAS. Paris got a BIG education doing this show and has learned MORE than Jessica CURRENTLY knows. Can you picture Jessica MILKING A COW and NOT complaining because Paris does, she milks the cow and stops complaining by the end of the show. Jessica NEVER STOPPED whining.

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