Jessica Simpson Talks ‘With You’, ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ On ‘TRL’

was on MTV’s ‘Total Request Live’ on Monday to discuss her #1 single ‘With You’, her upcoming re-release of ‘In This Skin’, gossip about a pregnancy which she again denied, her hopes to play Daisy Duke on ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ big screen adaptation, and more. Check out a rough transcript below.

>> It is a beautiful day outside. I’m here up here to introduce the guests. Get ready to get really loud, it is Jessica Simpson, everyone.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Nice to see you.

>> Come to the window, Jess.

>> Okay.

>> This is where your fans are.

>> Hi!

>> They want to see you.

>> Very cool.

>> Look at this little get-up. I like this outfit.

>> Thank you.

>> This is very Academy Award-ish sort of.

>> I only watched a little bit of the first.

>> The Joan Rivers part?

>> No, I didn’t see that.

>> I was scared for a second. You only saw the beginning of the academy awards? And what happened?

>> I had to go eat.

>> They’re that much fun.

>> No. I really wanted — I wanted to watch them, but i had a dinner meeting.

>> Honestly, they’re really boring.

>> I love the academy awards.

>> Really?

>> Yeah!

[ Cheers and applause ] Serious. Everybody dreams to be there and everybody’s dream is coming true and I cry through the whole thing.

>> Maybe I recent it and I’m jealous or something. You’re going to hang with us for a while, right?

>> I am. I am.

>> Give you a taste of life on the road with Kelly and Clay in just a second too. First, we get to first request of the day. It’s actually making the debut, this is Yellowcard, “Ocean Avenue.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> That was a “TRL” debut for you, number ten video, Yellowcard, Ocean Avenue.” First time on the countdown, let’s hope the voters keep it on.

>> Definitely. Damien and Jessica are hanging out at the bleachers. We’ll bring some fans up there to meet Jessica Simpson.

>> That was our first check in with clay and Kelly on tour. Their tour bus is swinging into new york as they visit the show on Wednesday. Next up, we’re hanging out with them backstage. Check out the dressing room, catering and even the showers. You want to see Clay’s shower?

>> No thank you. It’s crazy out here. Tons of Jessica fans hanging out here. Kristen and Ryan, you guys are from the ATL, Atlanta, Georgia. Are you a big Jessica Simpson fan?

>> I’m so love in her.

>> So if I told you you can go upstairs to meet her you’d be real excited?

>> Yes.

>> You’ll get a chance to meet her after this, number nine, Hilary Duff, “come clean.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Number nine, “come clean.” If you’re a Hilary Duff fan, make sure you vote for her, get that video higher for yourself. Here with Jessica Simpson. Good to see you again.

>> Good to be here.

>> You’re part of the MTV family.

>> I am. I definitely am.

>> We talked about the academy awards a little while ago. What’s the deal with you and acting? Because I have heard rumors.

>> You have heard rumors, huh? Yeah. There’s a lot of stuff that’s on the table.

>> Yeah.

>> My favorite thing on the table is Daisy Duke from “Dukes of Hazzard.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Those are those shorts?

>> Yeah. I want to wear the shorts and drive a car.

>> That’s a all i want — never mind.

>> I think it will be fun. Really fun. I don’t know there’s lots of different projects and just about choosing the right one.

>> You have been acting for while, yeah?

>> Right. Well, kind of.

>> Explain.

>> I have been acting blonde for a long while. No. I’m kidding.

>> It’s an act. It’s the thing.

>> No, I’m kidding. I’m kidding.

>> You have done school plays?

>> Yes. I was Cassie in “A Chorus Line.” That counts for something.

>> So you can sing and dance? Isn’t what the one where you do the leg thing?

>> I’m an okay dancer, but not really that great of a dancer. I can shake my booty, but that’s about it. []

>> Did you have a deal with the Muppets too?

>> Yeah. I did a commercial with them for Pizza Hut.

>> That’s acting.

>> It is. It is so different because — yeah. Hello. That’s why it’s different. Can you believe it? No. There’s holes cut in everything so they can —

>> I know. It’s pretty perverse. “TRL” pitted the guys against the girls last week. The guys ended up winning and the prize is —

>> Ladies!

>> I know. The prize was to come back when you’re here and then you’d go over there into the whole bleacher. We have a whole section of guys and they want to hang out with you and talk to you.

>> Hands off guy, nothing weird. So they — do your thing.

>> Okay.

>> A little prize and a really treat. More on — more to come on today’s show. Your questions. If you want to holla back, more from Kelly and Clay on the road. We’ll premiere Jay-Z’s new video. Stick around. Monday’s “TRL” is coming back.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>>> Welcome back to Monday’s “TRL.” There’s Ruben, number eight. “Sorry 2004.” Moving up three big spots since Friday. He and Hilary Duff need help to get back up to the top of the countdown. Jessica Simpson is here. Congratulations In This Skin at number 1.

>> I know, it’s so exciting.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> What did you do? Go out —

>> Well, I was — I found out when I was on the road working. But Nick and I, we just took a vacation. We just got back from Mexico.

>> You mentioned that.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Without the cameras.

>> Right.

>> For the first time in a long time.

>> How was that?

>> It was wonderful.

>> Was it freezing?

>> Yes, it was. It was. And, you know, we just celebrated tons of stuff. Platinum. He’s been number one for two weeks. Line, thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Yeah. And you’re re-leasing this year. An expanded version of “in this skin.” Tell everyone what they get, because there are a lot of extras on this

>> Yeah. I wanted to make it even more for my fans. I recorded two more songs which is one is “angels” which I think is the best song I ever recorded.

>> Is that the — like what, four — didn’t Robbie Williams do that one? Have yeah. Then I did “Take My Breath Away” off the “Top Gun” soundtrack. That has a significant meaning, you know? I was little, it was my first love scene to ever see. I was obsessed with tom cruise forever, you know?

>> Of course.

>> And then nick took his place.

>> There you are. That’s studio footage right there. Have you shot the video yet?

>> No, we haven’t shot the video. We’re just thinking of ideas. We don’t want to recreate “Top Gun.”

>> You don’t?

>> But that’s cheeseball.

>> But J.Lo did it in the video, you know?

>> But nick coming up on a motorcycle as Tom Cruise?

>> I think he’d look good in a flight suit, don’t you?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I think he’s cuter than Tom Cruise, it’s not that. I just I think I want to do something with the troops and military and all that — like that kind of stuff.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> A little busy right now, but we can figure it out.

>> But i can always go.

>> Go over there. Very good idea. She’s thinking. We’ll talk to you more in a little bit. But we have to show you the new Jay-Z video. Have you seen this thing?

>> No, I haven’t.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>>> All right. Welcome back to “TRL.” Live from Times Square. Here in New York city. Jessica Simpson has been hanging out with us. Let’s talk about the second season of “Newlyweds.” Unbelievable this week’s episode has you hearing rumor that you’re pregers. Pregnant.

>> Okay.

>> Right?

>> But I didn’t know pregers, is that like a nickname?

>> I didn’t know it.

>> A nickname for being pregnant.

>> Okay. I’m not pregnant.

>> How did you react to it?

>> I thought everybody knew before I did. It was on the covers of magazines. Everybody was talking about it, so then I started freaking out because I was like — I was getting really sick and everybody will see me puking. It’s great episode. And I had to go to the doctor and get hooked up to an iv and take a pregnancy test. I wasn’t pregnant.

>> Do you hear rumors like this all the time about yourself?

>> Yeah. I think i said I wanted a dog and people thought I wanted a baby. That’s how crazy it is. It gets twisted.

>> Yeah, you have a lot on your plate right now. We talk of the Daisy Dukes, which you’re liking. Third season of the show. Is that out of the question right now or no?

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I don’t know yet.

>> Everybody wants to see you.

>> I know. I don’t want to let any fans down. So you never know. But it’s looking good.

>> You haven’t shut it out of your mind?

>> No. No. We like our camera crews. They’re nice.

>> Of course. We’ll check out some more with Kelly and Clay on the road, and in the meantime, number six, G-Unit “Wanna get to know you” on the countdown.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> That was the g-unit, “Wanna Get To Know You.” Still having trouble getting back up to the top half of the count down, but I have good news for you all. The g-unit is performing that one for us at “TRL” spring break. Cancun, Mexico.

>> I can’t wait. I am so excited for this.
>> That as i say a Kelly and Clay. Later on, they take you on stage with them during the concert and going to comment on each other’s singing style. I’m interested to hear what they have to say about each other. Don’t forget, Kelly and clay will be here live on Wednesday. So make sure you come in for that.

>> Definitely. And the top half of the countdown, number five, simple plan and “I don’t want to think about you.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Very nice video by the boys of Simple Plan. Number five. “Don’t want to think about youth youth”.

>> What’s the craziest thing a fan has done?

>> Even after being married, a man proposed to me on the stage with a ring and everything.

>> That’s kind of weird. What did you say?

>> I didn’t know what the say. I said no.

>> Nick came in and — Nick came in and beat him up.

>> He wasn’t there. I don’t think he knows.

>> Now he does.

>> Now he does.

>> We have a lot of people at home who want to ask you questions. Like the question i just asked you which I thought was a good one. Holla back@mtv.Com. We’ll give you a wrap-up on the Oscars which you need because “lord of the rings” won every award possible. That’s when “TRL” returns.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>>> Welcome back to “TRL”! Live from new york city. Hanging out with Jessica Simpson. And Jessica and fans holla back with questions at the break. Let’s see what some of the fans wanted to ask you.

>> Well, everybody will see it, because it’s going to be an episode but I did the whole valentine’s day this time.

>> Okay.

>> I hired the chef from Dolce, a really trendy place in L.A. And he taught me how to make lobster ravioli from scratch.

>> That’s hot!

>> I actually killed the lobster lobster. []

>> I heard that. It was squirming and you had to hold the legs.

>> It was romantic. I got him a membership to this country club that he’s been wanting to play golf.

>> That’s cool.

>> He got me — not these, but just a really pretty pair of earrings. Chandelier.

>> That’s sweet. But we can catch an episode of that.

>> Yeah. You’ll all see it.

>> We have another question.

>> Before I do any kind of tour, I’m going to shoot a movie. So when I get that out of the way, not that it’s a bad thing, but I’m get that out of the way and then I’ll be able to go on tour. I’m doing a sitcom so there’s —

>> You have a lot going on?

>> Yeah. If I did a tour, it would be more spot dates here and there. Busy right now.

>> Well, it’s good to be busy. So the tour will come after the movie and stuff like that.

>> Yeah.

>> We have more with Jessica coming up later. We’ll talk of the Oscars. Right now, number four, Chingy and “One Call Away.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Maroon 5, “this love.” You know what to do if you send it back towards the top. Where’s the exciting crazy life of Jessica Simpson taking you to?

>> I have done 36 radio interviews today. So I’m going to bed after this.

>> Oh, my, going to get a little rest. Always great to have you here.

>> Thank you so much. I love you!

>> Make sure you go out and pick up the re-release of “in this skin,” out tomorrow

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