Jessica Simpson Promotes ‘In This Skin’ On ‘TRL’

was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Wednesday (August 27) to talk about her new album ‘In This Skin’ and her ‘Newlyweds’ MTV reality show. She was the secret interview for three hopefuls wanting to work the VMA red carpet, answering just about the same questions from all three contestants. She later chatted with fellow Texan Kelly Clarkson, who was co-hosting. Check out a rough transcript below.

>> Remove your blindfold and go.

>> How are you doing?

>> I’m good, thank you.

>> Are you excited about your new show?

>> I am very excited. It’s doing great. Thank you. Thank you, everybody, for tuning in.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> I really — I know a lot of people want know, are you excited about your little sister’s career?

>> My little sister is doing amazing right now. She has been an TRL all summer, signed with Geffen records. Of course, she is on “Seventh Heaven.”

>> She is very, very beautiful. Enough about her, back to you. How does it feel to punk your husband? You all got married.

>> Punking my husband was really great. We got married and I had to do it to him. You know? But i feel bad now —

>> That’s it. 245’s it. Aprell — amazing. You did a really good job. How do you feel it went?

>> I feel good.

>> A little nervous? Jessica, how do you think she did?

>> I think she did great.

>> You’re on the red carpet. How does it rate with the rest of them?

>> She knew everything. She knew the right questions to ask.

>> Terrific. I wish it was up to us to let us pick. But it’s up to you at home. Make sure you vote for Aprell if you like Aprell. Give a big round of applause for Aprell. Sara is interviewing the mystery celeb next. Remember, they have no idea who she is yet. That’s coming up after the next video. Stacie Orrico, “more to life” holding strong at number eight. Very nice job.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> All right. Number eight, Stacie Orrico, “more to life.” See her at the VMAs I’m sure. Kind of continuing the second day of the red carpet contest. You keep quiet, don’t want to reveal yourself yet. The contest ens have to interview this major celebrity to my right. Remember, they have no idea who it is. Okay, Kelly Clarkson, bring out Sara, if you will, our next contender. Completely blindfolded. Shhahas no idea. Come on over here. Take a step over here. How has she been, Kelly?

>> She’s good.

>> Is she ready for it?

>> I’m good.

>> Remember, you have no idea who it is here.

>> No clue.

>> You have 45 seconds on the clock. Sara, once you remove the blindfold start giving the question to the mystery guest.

>> Got it.

>> Remove.

>> Oh, my god! What’s up? How are you?

>> I’m very good, thank you.

>> So how is your new show going?

>> It’s great. You know, i couldn’t be happier. I have had tons of fans watching it so thank you.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> That’s great. That’s great. Who are you looking forward to performing? I mean on then the v know, there’s lots of great people here tonight. I’m very, very excited. I don’t know. I don’t know. There’s so many celebrities that i always love to see. I think Christina Aguilera. I love her voice, so — you know there’s tons of people here.

>> So honestly, have you cleaned up your act in the house? Because I saw the first episode.

[ Cheers and applause ] I saw the first episode — and, you know, I can sympathize with you.

>> 45 seconds. You should answer that, have you cleaned up the act in the house?

>> You know, that was four months ago. I’ve cleaned up my house.

>> You’re still a messy girl.

>> How did you think you did?

>> I think I did all right.

>> Your review?

>> It was great. You definitely knew about me. You have to study up artist when you interview them.

>> Definitely.

>> A round of applause for Sara. Give her some support. Don’t go anywhere.

>> Okay.

>> Show your pretty face here so people can vote on you. G on to the website. One more contest to go, Emily. First, we will play you another request. Ready to have Emily get up there?

>> Yeah.

>> Okay. Here is Limp Bizkit, “eat you alive.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

>> Number seven, Limp Bizkit. “Eat you alive.” Steady at number seven. Kelly, bring out Emily, if you will. Kelly, where are you?

[ Cheers and applause ] Get the heck out here. Blindfolded our big red carpet contestant. Contest going down today. Interview the mystery celebrity guest. I can see you’re cheating.

>> Anything — I promise, i can’t see.

>> Are you ready to do this?

>> Sure.

>> Remove the blindfold and begin.

>> Oh, hi!

>> Hi.

>> How is the new show going

>> The show is great. You know, I’ve had all you guys watching it. It has been a huge thing for nick and i. We’re just adjusting, you know?

>> Are you excited about the new album that just came out?

>> I am. It just debuted in the top ten today.

[ Cheers and applause ] So I’m, very, very excited.

>> Is there kind of a little competition between you and nick since yours came out during the same day?

>> You’re right on the information, they decided to push it back. There’s no competition, it’s all healthy.

>> All right. And how’s the marriage going, everything good, it’s stressful to be on TV, i know.

>> Yeah. It was a little stressful having the cameras with us for a bit. But we adjusted to it. We’re trying to learn from each other.

>> Oh, my goodness, that was terrific. You people are better than me. Great job, Emily. How do you think you did?

>> Good. Good.

>> It’s like — you get a lot of the same questions about your show and all that.

>> Well, i mean, that’s how the red carpet is. Everybody asks you the same questions, but she had a good way of wording them and — no, really you were relaxed.

>> Absolutely.

>> There’s always good to interview an artist relaxed or else it will make them nervous.

>> A good point. You guys vote at home, if you think she had stuff together. So vote for your red carpet correspondent at the VMAs tomorrow night. Will it be Emily, Aprell or Sara? Cast your vote today. Time for a quick break though. When we come back, we have Hilary Duff in the house. Where she is? She’s chillin’ somewhere, with Quddus. TRL VMA week continues after this.

[ Cheers and applause ]

>>> And welcome back to TRL. The day before the big show, VMAs tomorrow, 8:00 P.M. Right now Sara is in the lead for our red carpet contest. 50%. Aprell in damage of not making the cut with 11%. Vote on it to change those. Mtv.Com. That’s how you do it. Kelly, have you met Justin before?

>> Yeah, at a radio, actually.

>> I’m sure you heard her voice.

>> She’s from where I’m from.

>> Yeah.

>> From Burleson. We’re both from the same area, so that was weird.

>> Did you ever think of singing together. Imagine what that would sound like?

>> I know. That’s an — she’s an awesome vocalist.

>> Congratulations on your album become being in the top ten. We saw you perform last week.

>> I know. Always when I come to TRL the fans are so amazing. And when you sing its just makes you want to keep singing. I didn’t want to stop with one song, but it was great.

>> You’re back here in new york for the VMAs.

>> Yes.

>> What are you going to be wearing? That’s the big question

>> It’s a big secret. It is —

>> It’s a secret?

>> My mom and i planned this out for a while. Yeah.

>> Oh, your mother is crazy.

>> Yeah. I want to make head’s turn.

>> Your mom would kill you if you said something. What, you told them?

>> Yeah. I can’t.

>> I just got from the U.K. I don’t even know.

>> Maybe it’s a lady’s night tonight.

>> Yeah. Get together and have a secretive little party.

>> Thank you for coming on by. Jessica, thank you very much. Always a pleasure to have you on TRL. We’ll be watching you on — you and nick on MTV’s “Newlyweds.”

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