Jessica Simpson Promotes ‘The Osbournes Christmas Special’

was on MTV’s Total Request Live on Thursday to preview her appearance on ‘The Osbournes Christmas Special’ and her appearance on tonight’s Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden. Later on, her husband Nick Lachey surprised fans and she then performed her new single ‘With You’. Read on for the transcript.

TRL: Number ten, Kelis, “milkshake”. Your like that song?

>> I do. I never heard it before.

TRL: Very sexy song. Just like Jessica Simpson. Very sexy Jessica Simpson today. Let’s talk of “Newlyweds” because you’re shooting the second season.

>> That’s right. January 1st, it debuts.

TRL: You had what you defined as blonde moments in the first season. Are you trying to like make sure — do you speak much?

>> I haven’t really censored myself because that’s been the success of the show. So what flies flies, you know?

TRL: Right.

>> It just happens.

TRL: Any blonde moments so far?

>> That’s the thing, I didn’t remember chicken of the sea. I didn’t remember that moment. I’m sure that there will be moments I didn’t remember that I said something stupid that I was being stupid and I thought I was being smart.

TRL: You had some down time between the two seasons. What do you and Nick do when the cameras are turned off?

>> We make out. Because we never really have time to do that.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: That’s true.

>> We don’t like to be cheesy.

TRL: Well, you don’t welcome back to be Paris Hilton.

>> Exact limit

Well, come on, no videotape for us.

TRL: That was a joke!

>> No videotape for us.

TRL: So you hang out and have a good time?

>> Hang out.

TRL: Normal things that a couple would do?

>> Yes.

TRL: Very nice. A live performance from Jessica Simpson is coming up. Holding steady at number nine, it’s no doubt with “it’s my life.”

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: No doubt, at number nine. “It’s my life.” D and Jessica are backstage kicking it.

TRL: That’s right. We’re taking a break right now.

TRL: Hi, guys. Damien hanging out here with Jessica Simpson and barely into your top ten, we have a hot, hot show for you today. Let’s back into it with Jessica. We know you’re a great singer, you’re kind of dipping your foot into the acting pool now.

>> I am.

TRL: You’re doing to be genie in “I dream of Genie”

>> It’s not confirmed but that’s the dream role I want.

TRL: What drew you to this?

>> I don’t know. Just the whole — I mean, that would be so fun to, you know, make wishes come true.

TRL: Okay. You made this young man’s wish come true today on the show. Hi, America. Let’s also talk about like if this acting thing really does take off for you, and if, you know, if your singing career is any indication it will, what you would be in ten years, more singing or acting?

>> I think a mixture. Singing is my number one passion but I would love to be doing movies, romantic comedies.

TRL: Yeah. The machine is really rolling off the success of “newlyweds.” Are you getting a lot of scripts and stuff?

>> Yeah. Lots of stuff is being thrown at me which is so fun.

TRL: Yeah. Must be nice.

TRL: That’s a TRL premiere. Beyonce Knowles. 1-800-mtv to vote for that. Q and V hanging out in the audience right now.

TRL: I liked that.

>> It was hot.

TRL: Jessica, you’re doing the Osbournes Christmas special and you and Ozzy sing “Winter Wonderland” together.

>> Yeah. I sang with Ozzy. It was great.

TRL: Working with Ozzy Osbourne, you know, obviously a legend, Black Sabbath, all that good stuff. What was its like going in there your preconceived notions about the guy and then meeting him?

>> He was a wonderful man. And I just — I didn’t really know what to expect because i only knew him from watching “The Osbournes.” But he was so together, well put together. Talked great. Did everything great. So I was — I was — it was awesome to be in the same room with him.

TRL: But you told me backstage, you first walked up to him and what happened?

>> Well, he was listening to the recording and he said, wow, you have a great voice, do you play any gigs? I was like, well, kind of. I have a record deal.

TRL: Did you run into Sharon too?

>> Yeah. She was making out with my husband. It was very, very funny.

TRL: Are you all right with that?

>> Oh, yeah.

TRL: Why can Sharon Osbourne get away with that?

>> There’s something about her. She can get away with it.

TRL: I saw this clip, Ozzy, that try to get him to sing a Christmas carol and he’s like, no way.

>> He was like bah-humbug.

TRL: It is very funny.

>> The Christmas song that you wanted to do that was a dark Christmas song?

>> I never wanted to write a Christmas song, but I never

[ Expletive ]

And all the bells ringing and all that

[ Expletive ] Stuff. I ain’t [ Expletive ]

[ Expletive ] [ Expletive ] Doing it.

Sleigh bells ring are you listening

in the lane snow is glistening a beautiful sight

we’re happy tonight walkin’ in a winter wonderland

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: Oh! Sharon made out with your husband and you were up against Ozzy.

>> Yeah. Sharon made out with Nick, so I was all over Ozzy. We all send our best wishes to Ozzy right now.

TRL: Yeah. Absolutely. He had that ATV accident over in England. A very speedy recovery.

>> Our prayers are with you, Ozzy. That’s a taste of what you’ll see tonight

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11 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Promotes ‘The Osbournes Christmas Special’

  1. PandaBear2003 says:

    Did you by any chance SEE her acting at the Billboard awards? She could NOT memorize her lines something required of an actress and she had ZERO personality. She can’t act, she has absolutely NOTHING to bring life to a character unless it’s more roles on like on That 70s Show because she PLAYED HERSELF, a TRUE DITZ.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    Jessica’s been wearing a lot of wigs lately in order to be able to sport certain looks without sacrificing her long tresses. And I must say it works, this girl is fun, and doesn’t take herself too seriously. Go Jess!

  3. iLoveAdamBrody says:

    She was horrible on that show. all I heard was a screeching sound. but if she calls that singing then more power to her! oh yeah and her hair looked weird and she makes funny faces when she sings. its like she is trying to hard! but what do I know.

  4. Kizzardkid says:

    ^^^^I agree, she tries too hard, and she sucked. She looked like she had porn hair.

  5. goodnight says:

    She looked ridiculous. I didn’t stay tuned for the singing because I value my eardrums.

  6. weebongo says:

    Jessica should feel really proud. She just did a duet with Metal’s biggest legend. The video was funny and they both sounded great.

  7. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    Ozzy ought be ashamed in doing a duet with an absent-minded buffoon. The rock world is in mourning and they’re wearing black. Not just because Ozzy’s car accident (hopefully, he’ll get well soon), but doing a cheesy Christmas duet with America’s DUMBEST BLONDE; Jessica Simpson. What is he thinking of? Why is Ozzy doing the ‘Winter Wonderland’ routine w/ her in the first place? I rather see him doing it with Amy Lee of Evanescence that piece of trash. Jesus! those drugs Ozzy’s taking is really affecting his judgment. Just like weeboogaloo becoming a full-fledged jessacholic and clouding hers as well. So ashamed!

  8. WaneInTheZone says:

    Jessica should definitely be proud of herself, She held her own amongst a rock legend. I’ll never understand why she’s so underrated as a singer, She has a better voice then most of her counterparts…Including Christina. I guess having morals and dignity in this society has no redeeming value now-a-days.

  9. weebongo says:

    Jessica has a terrific voice, the finest in pop music at the moment. It’s powerful and comes out with ease. It’s no surprise that Ozzy would do a duet with Jessica. Soon as she sings it’s apparent that Jess is the real deal and could belt out a tune with the best of them.

  10. angelM says:

    Damn people at least she doesn’t lip synch!! She did a great job and she looked very pretty. I think that her future might be in movies. It’s weird how things turn out thou because many people think that her career is over or was suppose to be over.

  11. weebongo says:

    Jessica has personality in spades. That’s why her shows is such a huge success and one of the top rated show in all of cable. People are not watching for Nick. Like on reviewer said, “Jessica is the show”. Some have started to compare her to Lucille Ball. She could have a fantastic career doing physical comedy. Even if the music thing doesn’t pay the bills for Jess her options are wide open now and she can do more TV or go into film.

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