Jessica Simpson Sexes It Up For Nick Lachey

Jessica Simpson tells Blink 102.7’s ‘Party Diva’ Gina de Franco that she’s not adverse to stepping out in “a really mini-dress and a lace G-string” for new hubby Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees. “My favorite party fantasy is to sit way up on my husband’s lap and tell him I am not wearing a bra.”

Nick & Jess Drive Labels Nuts With Same Release Date

June 27, 2003 – The New York Post reports that Jessica Simpson and her 98 Degrees hubby Nick Lachey are driving their respective labels, Columbia and Universal, nuts. “They both want to release their solo albums on the same exact day [Aug. 19],” a spy said. “The labels are going crazy.” A rep for Simpson’s label, Columbia, said, “Nobody is upset as far as I know.” The couple are banking on fans buying both CDs simultaneously, and no doubt would be appearing as a couple to promote both albums simultaneously as well.

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Set Same Album Release Date

June 24, 2003 – Contributed anonymously:

On August 19th, Jessica Simpson is set to release her 3rd studio album, ‘In This Skin,’ her husband Nick Lachey of 98 Degrees is also releasing his solo offering, ‘Shut Up.’ Nick is going for radio adds this week with, ‘Shut Up,’ and within the next two weeks Jessica will be releasing, ‘The Sweetest Sin.’ The albums will come out the same day since they both are releasing singles about the same time. Each album promises to be different, Nick has a fast pop feel, while Jessica is going for the traditional ballad.

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2 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson Sexes It Up For Nick Lachey

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    Too much info!!!!! I know that she’s a happy newly wed who has given her virginity only to her husband Nick Lachey, but c’mon, do we have to know what they do behind closed doors? Of course we know that they are doing it, most newlyweds do, but it doesn’t have to be talked about for the world to suffer.

    At least she is MARRIED…

    what’s wrong with her saying “My favorite party fantasy is to sit way up on my husband’s lap and tell him I am not wearing a bra.” It’s not like she said, “My favorite party fantasy is *****ing people, guys and girls, and oh yeah, to sit way up on my husband’s lap and tell him I am not wearing a bra.” It’s all innocent. She said that she TELLS him that she’s not wearing a bra, not actually doing anything “slutty”. This girl is married, so what’s the matter with her saying stuff like that (even if we don’t want to hear it). Just because she’s young and might be a little dirty doesn’t mean it’s a sin or something. I am not saying girls should be dirty on and on for independence, but why can’t girls do the same physically acts that most guys do, which is to *****, to *****, and *****! As long as they aren’t ignoring God and their morals, there is nothing wrong for girls and girl celebrities to be a little sexual.

  2. starr says:

    It seems to me that the only people calling her a slut are the same people that watch and emulate everything Britney & Christina do! Jessica Simpson is an admirable lady that young girls can look up to. As for her making a statement about her fantasy….grow up people! Sex is part of our way of life nowadays! If that offends you then you have bigger problems to deal with. The fact that she kept her virginity until her wedding night, especially given that she has been in the public eye since she was 14, says a lot about her character! Kudos to you Jessica!

    Deal with it people, she’s an adult…not to mention one that stayed a virgin until she was married…how many of you can say the same?

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