Jessica Simpson To Write Second Book With Nick Lachey

MTV News reports Jessica Simpson is set for a follow-up to her previous how-to book, ‘I Do: Achieving Your Wedding’. Simpson wants to do a follow-up, now that she’s had her first anniversary with her husband, of 98 Degrees. ‘How to Survive the First Year of Marriage’ would be written by both Simpson and Lachey as part of a three-book deal her agent is currently shopping to New York publishers. While part of the proposed deal would be to take over distribution of the existing Simpson wedding book, the other book would be called ‘Jessica’s Rules,’ and would be a compendium of her “wisdom.”

Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Are Big Fans Of Chili’s

November 3, 2003 – Star magazine reports star Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson enjoy the spicy eats of Chili’s restaurant – especially the one in the nearby town of West Hills, Calif. “They have salads, Nick has a beer and Jessica has a frosty chocolate shake,” a Chili’s hostess revealed. “They come around 3 in the afternoon (when Chili’s isn’t busy) and sit facing the window, so people who come in can only see the back of their heads,” the hostess adds. “But they seem very friendly and always seem to be having a good time.”

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7 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson To Write Second Book With Nick Lachey

  1. looker says:

    How the hell can this bitch who doesn’t know the difference between Tuna and Chicken share any “wisdom” with anyone?

  2. Jaggie says:

    They’re doing this to pay the bills. their music doesn’t sell, so they gotta do something. but you know Jessica’s not writing this herself. She’s an illiterate jackass.

  3. effingJTallnightlong says:

    Too bad Nick’s gonna write her part too. what do you call wisdom Jessica? you don’t know the difference between tuna or chicken, you thought that buffalo wings were made of buffalo, and you thought that since you’re 23 you’re almost twenty five which is almost mid-twenties. You probably don’t even know how to put on your own makeup and you wanna share your wisdom? This blondie is a joke

  4. blonde_babydoll1984 says:

    It’s probably a coloring in book

  5. PandaBear2003 says:

    As long as NO ONE publishes this garbage we’ll all be happy. But I can see the book now and Jessica’s HELPFUL advice to those of us NOT in the biz. How to survive your first year of marriage by Jessica Simpson. First get MTV to give you your own TV show and pay you to be an ASS on TV. Second get mommy and daddy to do EVERYTHING for you even though you have a husband and your own house. Third, although you may be three million dollars in debt, HIRE people to do EVERYTHING for you. Fourth, announce ALL bodily functions to anyone who is in ear shot range including “I gotta pee”. Finally, when all else fails WHINE like there is NO tomorrow. People will do WHATEVER you ask INCLUDING your husband JUST to shut you up!

  6. jadelove says:

    Write a 2nd book? She did not even write the 1st book. The wedding planner, florist, and others involved in their wedding wrote the 1st one.

  7. famefan says:

    From what I heard ten twelve year olds and two 60 year old men with sweaty brows and chafed palms bought the first book. Who is going to buy the second?

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