Jessica Simpson Visits ‘The View’

Jessica Simpson 'I Belong to Me' single cover

was on the season premiere of ‘The View’ earlier today to talk with the ladies and perform her new single ‘I Belong To Me’. Simpson discussed her new shorter hairstyle, her new line of boots, dealing with the paparazzi, the rumor she’s dating John Mayer, her parents, and the new album ‘A Public Affair’. Read on for a rough transcript.

The View: Absolutely everything Jessica Simpson’s done lately has become a public affair, but her red-hot C.D. Proves that this one red-hot superstar is at the top of her game. Please welcome back Jessica Simpson! I love the short hair. It’s cute! Hi, welcome.

The View: You look adorable.

The View: You look great.

The View: What do you need?

The View: You have to keep your legs crossed on this couch.

Jessica: I am wearing Jessica Simpson boots.

The View: Are they boots that you sell?

The View: She designed them.

The View: When did this happen?

Jessica: If the music thing doesn’t work out or the movies. []

The View: Yeah.

Jessica: I’ll always have shoes.

The View: And you cut your hair.

Jessica: I chopped it.

Jessica: It feels good.

The View: Tell them what you said to me.

Jessica: I needed to get rid of a lot of baggage.

The View: Yeah. Crazy hair and shave half of the side off. That ruined my career for a good three years.

Jessica: I feel lighter.

The View: You bruised your vocal cord.

Jessica: I bruised my vocal cord.

The View: I think you sound good.

Jessica: Thank you? Is it really sexy?

The View: It kind of is. I little bit like Brenda Vicaro. For tampons. Remember her?

The View: I thought she swallowed that tampon.

The View: You don’t need a lot of help being sexy. []

Jessica: Why thank you.

The View: It’s ok.

The View: Everything is going good for you? You’re in a good place?

Jessica: I am in such a good place.

The View: And you’re dating John Mayer. You don’t want to say, but maybe? Just maybe. Because I love him.

Jessica: She just goes right there.

The View: I’m saying i love him.

Jessica: I’m actually not dating John Mayer.

The View: Really? It’s shocking. Do you mean “People” magazine was wrong?

Jessica: No, I think the dating part maybe is wrong.

Jessica: They put this quote saying that I’m in love. He’s my friend. I’ve known him for a couple years.

The View: Why is the public so interested in whether or not you’re in love or not?

The View: Because of the show.

Jessica: I have no idea.

The View: How do you avoid the paparazzi?

Jessica: I don’t. I can’t.

The View: Is there a way to escape them at all?

Jessica: Not really. The whole, like, back door, hiding in trunks, wigs, disguise, dressing up like a man.

The View: Do you do that?

Jessica: Yeah, of course.

The View: On the other hand — on the other hand, I hope the day never comes when they’re not there. Then you say why don’t they care about me a little bit? You’re right.

Jessica: I might go through a little bit of withdrawal because I love fashion. So I like to, you know, sell my own boots and stuff. I use it for that. I look at it as a positive thing because I have a sunglasses line coming out, all kinds of stuff.

The View: Now does your dad sort of help you managing all these other businesses? He’s sort of a brain yack. He’s very cute.

Jessica: He’s here.

The View: And her mom is here, too.

Jessica: My mom does the whole clothing line and stuff with me. My dad just tries to control — I mean, me and my sister. That was the wrong choice of words. Oops, sorry, dad. I mean, like, so many careers. He’s got so much stuff going on. Between me and Ashlee, we’re too fireballs.

The View: He must like your new C.D., Too. It’s fun dance music. There’s also good love music.

Jessica: I’m a lover.

The View: Number 13, “Let Them Fly.” I watched you on MTV. I cried with you. I don’t know how long ago that was taped.

Jessica: It was taped, like, last week.

The View: Is it easier to sing that song every time.

Jessica: No, i actually added it into the show. Today I’m going to sing some of it because I love what that song represents and there is so much beauty in letting go of something that you know you need to let go of, you know? And to actually come to that realization and that place in your life is — it’s a really powerful statement.

The View: Do you regret — go ahead, Barbara. You’re Barbara Walters, take it. I’m sorry.

The View: Whenever we want, we can interrupt each other.

The View: But I don’t want to interrupt you. Go ahead. I’m remembering it. I’m thinking it as you’re talking.

The View: I was going at that talk about, “a public affair” is the name of your album, rightly so. But also you went through a very emotional divorce, tough enough. But then you’ve got to read about it all the time.

Jessica: Yeah, that’s hard.

The View: Very tough?

Jessica: I think divorce in general is tough because it’s not something that anybody —

The View: But then to have to read every day.

Jessica: Yeah, it’s all false perception, all lies, everybody. All judgments and what — people just want to — bring you down.

The View: What’s the biggest lie?

Jessica: What’s the biggest lie? About divorce or about what i read in the tabloid?

The View: What’s the biggest misconception out you. What’s the biggest thing that people are writing?

Jessica: You know, I don’t know really know. I think there’s a lot of them. There was a really funny rumor that came out that I was actually going to marry Willie Nelson.

The View: Well, that I can understand, Jessica. You adore Willie Nelson in the romantic kind of way? Ok, that’s funny just to think of.

Jessica: He’s very charming.

The View: To all the girls I’ve loved before the ponytail will get in the way, Jess. I’m telling you.

The View: It might come between the two of you. We’re glad you’re here. You’re going to sing for us, too. Which is such a treat.

The View: Wait. Wait.

The View: We’re going to go. But when we come back, Jessica is going to sing her latest hit. So we are happy about that.

The View: And the record’s great.

The View: It is great.

The View: Jessica Simpson sings when “The View” returns on ABC.

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  1. hooker says:

    she’s being misguided by wrong people. I don’t understand by some celebrities their personal lives are always being used in the public to market I guess.

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