Jessica Simpson’s Confusion At The Voting Booth

Craig Kilborn joked during his Late Late Show monologue on Tuesday night, “Today is election day here in L.A. I went into the voting booth and inside I found Jessica Simpson wearing just a shower cap.”

Jessica Baby Rumor Prompted Her To Take Pregnancy Test

March 4, 2004 – Access Hollywood caught up with Jessica Simpson to get more details on the pregnancy rumors that convinced her to take a home pregnancy test to “make sure the rumors aren’t true” in ‘Newlyweds’. “Well, there was a rumor that I was pregnant — actually it was a month ago,” Jessica explained. “I began to believe the rumor because I was very, very sick and could not stop, you know [vomiting].” At a press conference back in January for her new line of edible body products called Dessert, Jessica warned the media she wasn’t feeling well. “I kind of have a flu bug but I’m not pregnant, I’m not pregnant. That’s not what it is… but I just have an upset stomach,” said Jessica.

Jessica Simpson Clears Up The Rumors

March 2, 2004 – Jessica Simpson was on ‘Extra’ to clear up some rumors, including reports that her marriage to 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey was having difficulties, another that she was pregnant, reports she’ll play a TV newsmagazine correspondent in her primetime ABC comedy in development, and reports she’d star with Nick in a Sonny-and-Cher type of show — which she confirmed were true.

Jessica Simpson Calls Into AJ’s Playhouse

March 2, 2004 – Jessica Simpson was on Channel 933 in San Diego, she spoke about the re-release of ‘In This Skin’ and her new single ‘Take My Breath Away’. The DJ said they were playing the new single to a very positive response. He went on to ask her why on ‘Newlyweds’ the song was recorded as a duet with Nick and on the album it’s only Jessica singing. She said during the recording it wasn’t confirmed yet that Nick could actually do it through his record label and record labels just didn’t agree. Jessica was then asked about all the movie rumors. She said she has tons of stuff on the table, the closest one being Daisy Duke in ‘The Dukes of Hazzard’ movie.

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