Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Night Secrets

tells Blender magazine that she wanted to play the field when she split with in 2001. “Basically, I needed to try out some new boyfriends.” But she says it was a horrible experience that “made me realize there was only ever one man in the world for me … Nick completes me.” Talking about losing her virginity on her wedding night, Simpson says, “It was the most amazing moment of my life. I’m so lucky I didn’t lose my virginity in the back of a Jeep or something. Instead, I had this amazing, elaborate wedding and I topped it off with that.”

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10 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s Wedding Night Secrets

  1. HoneyRain says:

    okay.. it’s a freaking given that you lost your virginity on your wedding night.. so can you please stop talking about it because we don’t need to know all the details!.. she acts so excited that she finally had sex.. (well.. guess I can’t blame her there) lol

  2. Candee says:

    For real. Enough Jessica. We get it, you’re no longer a virgin. *blech*!

  3. nsyncgurl11388 says:

    I agree about the virgin thing with Jessica, but Nick doesn’t complete you God does.

  4. jazzprofounder says:

    I wonder if Nick was a virgin..hmmm….jk, lol

  5. Gimmeabreak says:

    Somebodies really happy they finally got some… I bet their sex life is boring as hell.

  6. ChicaXO says:

    Haahaaa!~ Everyone’s all like, “Why do we need to know about her losing her virginity??”.. NO ONE asked you to read this post! You read the title.. & YOU chose to read about Jessica losing her virginity… ..I think it’s romantic! ~XO

  7. EvanescenceSucks says:

    Bully for you, Jessica. Now, could you please shut up about it and get on with your life?

    ^^…. It seems like Jess is implying that if you didn’t wait ’till marriage then you must have lost your virginity haphazardly, as if losing your virginity can’t be special if you don’t wait until marriage. News for Jess: some people have very romantic first times without having to get married first. She’s probably saying crap like that because the whole “chaste until marriage” thing was the only thing she had to talk about in interviews, and now that she’s def. no longer a virgin she has nothing else to say except how it was such an “amazing moment” and she’s so glad she waited… cause getting your cherry popped on your wedding night is SO much better than losing it on any other night, right, Jess?

  8. AngelGoddess1 says:

    WHAT LIFE? Jessica’s life is preaching about virginity (uh girl lost it LONG BEFORE 10/26/02), and is now going on and on about having some, NO ONE GIVES A FLYING FIG, Sony is ONLY trying one last attempt to get her albums to sell and she’s pissing MORE people off than turning people ON to her music. Now WHY is she stating losing it in the backseat of some jeep? NOT EVERY woman loses it in the backseat of a jeep or automobile, guess more little bits of TRUTH slip in here and there since Nick DID NOT want her to be a VIRGIN on her wedding night according to her, so she stated she lied about that (she lost it in high school in the back of a Jeep I’M SURE)

  9. VOLCOMchik says:

    Jessica Simpson is nothing but a stupid publicity wanting media whore!! Her and Nick didn’t even break up before… they just wanted publicity, too bad for them no one gave a ***** so they got back together. She needs to realize her career is over and go the hell away.

  10. AngelGoddess1 says:

    What I see as being so full of it and a bunch of lies is everyone I’ve spoken to who has lost their virginity, including MY first time, it was painful as all hell and not as romantic as we planned. Your first time having sex with a new partner is ALWAYS awkward and clumsy (For anyone who thinks I’m lying go read Cosmo). She made it sound like there was no pain (ALWAYS is pain unless you’ve been getting it on for a LONG time that the vaginal walls are NOT tight) and it was natural and wonderful (again which would imply SHE HAS HAD SEX WAY BEFORE her wedding night). But then like everything else Jessica says, it’s from fantasy land and not reality. My one concern is, all the poor, stupid, naive fans of hers who honestly believe real life is how JESSICA SIMPSON makes it out to be and reality IS FAR from it, whether you are a famous celebrity, a bottom of the list, piece of s***** celebrity, OR normal, run of the mill average Joe, NOTHING is as perfect and wonderful as JESSICA makes it out to be, But then again she can since she can’t take responsibility for her actions, ANY of them so if you are in that sense like Jessica, welcome to never never land, where your president is Jessica Simpson!

    You’d have to actually BE a couple in order to break up which they haven’t been. Hell this marriage is all PR hence why SHE has them doing this show, SHE has her tits and mug all over the place and SHE still can’t sell a bloody thing.

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