Jessie J Breaks Her Foot And Cancels Festival Gigs

Jessie J in the hospital with a broken foot

is apologizing to fans after being forced to cancel several concerts after breaking her foot in a fall. The English pop singer required emergency surgery and has been ordered to rest after breaking her foot in two places.

“Sorry doesn’t feel enough to say, I am devastated for my fans that I know have been waiting to see me and working hard for tickets,” told her fans in a statement posted at her official web site. “I was so excited about the summer and I’m as upset as you all are. But unfortunately these things happen. I have to remain positive and I promise I will make it up later in the year.”

The list of shows Jessie won’t be able to perform at include T In The Park, Oxygen, T4 On The Beach, Paris: Orange Rock Corps, Wembley: Orange Rock Corps, ITunes Festival, Lovebox, Radio Aire Party In The Park, Key 103 Summertime Live, Summer Sonic Japan.

Among Jessie’s Twitter messages (@jessiejofficial) about the foot injury, beginning June 22nd, which included a show at Glastonbury in between the diagnosis and the surgery about 12 hours ago:

I am back in the UK. I didn’t tweet all day yesterday as I was at the hospital having scans on my foot! To get a specific diagnosis…

Turns out Ive been hobbling around with a broken foot :| So will be in a hench grey darfaydar looking boot and on crutches for 6 weeks (cool lol) #mashup

I said to a friend the other day. “The ones that love you when you are broken are the ones who will love you always….” #nobodysperfect

Trying to do anything with a broken foot is

Just left #glasto what an amazing show!!! So many people came out to watch!!! Loved it! I promised id bring some sun with me ;)

Apologies to any #heartbeats who were supposed to see me perform outside of the UK in the next few months. I’m not allowed to fly and I’m so :( I cant come #oneday x

Okay so I’m gonna tell you the latest on my foot…

I will be having surgery next week as the break is real bad.I want my #heartbeats to know that I want to do every show,festival,gig but it will all depend on how I am.I am going to be on crutches for way longer than 6 weeks :( #positivethinking I’m gonna do the best I can to #notletyoudown

I wish I could run around in the park and go swimming… #nextsummer

Okay so I’m signing out for today. Going in for my surgery now. Super scared! Tweet you on the other side #positivethinking

Keep making nervous jokes with the doctor and he keeps looking at me blankly. Which is making me laugh even more…. #AWKWARD

It’s getting serious. #justookmynosestudout

Can’t keep tweeting. Still very dizzy and being sick. But I’m okay I got through it. Thanks for all your message. Means a lot x

I am in tears. I never thought it would come to this. Next year I will be at all the festivals but for now I have to follow doctors orders and just look after me. I know my #heartbeats will understand… #imsorry

For those asking about my foot. You know when you wake up with #fuzzyglovehand lol. It’s like that on my foot X100 #fuzzyglovefoot

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2 thoughts on “Jessie J Breaks Her Foot And Cancels Festival Gigs

  1. Grace says:

    hey I’m a massive fan I’m Called Grace and I’m 9!

  2. amy torr says:

    poor Jessie J I’m your biggest fan love you I understand that you can’t do your concert love you

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