Jessie J: I Will Never Label My Sexuality

checked in with her Twitter followers (@jessiejofficial) earlier today, talking about her sexuality and haters. The English pop singer writes:

Don’t ever live your life like it will be put in the paper (in the symbolic sense) Life is about living for you. Learning from the good the bad the ugly and the beautiful. #nobodysperfect

For all the people congratulating me on ‘coming out’ or confirming I’m ‘bi’ lol-I have NEVER hid my sexuality. The press just like to grasp anything and make it gossip or an exclusive *hype* I love who I love. I will never label my sexuality. If its a boy its a boy if its a girl its a girl. #simple #whoyouare #thereisaidit

I will never apologize for anything that makes me happy. No one should :)

Whatever I do in life SOMEONE somewhere will HATE it. Be it my music, my face, my clothes, my hair, my bum lol. It Is what it is. Let the haters hate. Live for the moment. #whoyouare

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