Jessie J Surprised To Find Fans In Venice Beach

Jessie J in Venice BeachDare episode 2 sees the singer in Venice Beach, admitting she’s “never been to the beach” during her several visits to Los Angeles. She also ran into some fans and did an impromptu performance of ‘Big White Room’ for them and some cafe customers.

“Seeing fans in LA really kind of made me realize the internet is global,” Jessie explained. “It’s not just London and the UK and that Jessie J’s J’s are becoming further out than just Essex, and it was a really kind of inspirational moment to have fans that live on the other side of the world know who I was.”

Jessie J wearing earringsJessie was then offered a dare by blogger Perez Hilton to do a cover of Travis Garland’s song ‘Believe’ in a cave. “Like a scarey cafe where birds live,” Jessie asked. “Is it gonna be at night? If it’s dark and scarey I don’t… Oh Perez, I thought we were friends. I think our friendship is over before it’s even started. Okay I have to sing a song in the Hollywood Hills cave. Bring it on Perez.”

“The cave where we’re going to is where the (Batman) car used to come out of,” Jessie said as she was walking to the destination. “So I’ve been up all night trying to rehearse the song, so I’m hoping I can do Mr. justice because he’s actually an amazing artist and I really like his voice. This one’s for you Travis and this one’s for you Perez.”

Jessie JAfter accomplishing the relatively easy task, Jessie told viewers, “I actually really enjoyed it. It was the most random thing I’ve ever done, but you know what, this is what Dare Jessie J is all about. I’m still gonna be in LA next time so make sure you come back for all of this.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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