Jessie James Interview & ‘Wanted’ Performance On KIIS FM

DJ Skee introduced new Mercury/Island Def Jam recording artist with a live performance of ‘Wanted’ and interview on the KIIS FM HD2 New Music Show. Jessie talked about how she got her outlaw name, how she’s been singing since she was 2, being starstruck by Penelope Cruz, how she describes her sound, music she’s been listening to, and liking the creative process.

On her name, Jessie said, “It is on my ID. It’s my name. It’s my name. I swear.”

On getting her break, she said, “I’ve been singing since I was two and everybody says that, but I really was. I was really singing since I was two and I entered my first contest when I was nine in Louisiana and I won the whole thing and it was the first time that a child had won the overall competition.”

On who she was the most starstruck to meet, Jessie said, “I don’t really get that starstruck, but probably Penelope Cruz. I was at a Jay-Z concert and one of Jay’s friends Tata invited me to come along and I went. She sat next to me sharing the fish basket asking can I borrow your water? Can I have some of your drink? She was so cute. She was the best. I’m starstruck by her.”

On describing her sound, she said, “It’s very southern, but it has a hip hop beat on some of the songs. Some of it is acoustic, some of it is organic. The lyrics are real. There’s lots of ways (to describe it).”

Watch the performance mixed with the interview below.

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