Jessie Malakouti Blogs After Being Detained By British Immigration

spoke about her nightmare of a day at London’s Heathrow airport on her blog at MySpace on Thursday (January 29), furious after being arrested and detained several hours for not having a work permit since she was visiting the country to perform. The former Shut Up Stella singer tells readers:

Yesterday I flew back to London, after my 12 HOUR flight (as if that wasn’t bad enough) I get to immigration, where the immigration officers decide that I am violating paragraph 16 of schedule 2 to the 1971 Act, and then arrest me under paragraph 17! (No, I am NOT MAKING THAT UP-)

WHY YOU ASK? So did I, and unfortunately I wasn’t given an answer for over 5 hours…

First they took me to baggage claim, had me identify my bags, then they went through each and every item inside, (panties included) after that they took me to some security room in the back and strip searched me, took my finger prints and a mug shot!!!!

When I asked the pathetic excuse for a man AKA the chief Immigration officer what my rights were, he laughed at me and said “Oh the AMERICAN girl wants to know if she has any rights?” He then put his finger in my face and told me to shut up and watch my “attitude” as he escorted me to what was basically a fu**ing cell!

The entire story has since been removed from her blog.

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