Jessie Malakouti Getting Really Close To Finishing Debut Album

Former singer Jessie Malakouti checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@jessieandthetoyboys) on Wednesday (July 16). Jessie writes:

Hey Everyone!

How’s it going? I’ve never been better! I’m getting really close to finishing the album I’ve always wanted to make…. (Just added one of my favorite songs to the space… “Driving Around” GO LISTEN IF YOU HAVEN’T )

I’ve been collaborating with some very cool new people! (I know you all Love “Big Booty” well that was produced by none other than Mr. Wayne Rodrigues: Ascap writer of the year himself! He’s the man you can thank (or curse LOL) for having Natasha Bedingfield’s “Unwritten” stuck in your head all summer…) Also Arnthor Birgisson is in town from Sweden, I just absolutely love creating songs with him!

It’s great to be back in LA in my comfort zone this time around to work with him… We’re throwing out Bangers like they were “so last year” :)

OK – Now for the “Trash Me” Video, I know you are all wondering where the heezy it is, well… I can’t really explain other than it’s finished and it’s amazing and we have VERY big plans for it.. so you’ll have to be patient with me and wait for the exclusive which will be soon, I promise…

I love you all! I have the best fans in the world! Thank you for your fan art… remember to vote because I’m choosing a sticker design in one week! (click to view and vote)


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