Jessie Malakouti Hangs With Rock Stars In London

Jessie Malakouti checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Tuesday (September 30) while in London, England. The former Shut Up Stella singer writes:

I’m writing this blog from the freezing freaking city they call London Town – curled up in my blanky, sipping P.G. Tips and staring out the window and wondering why the fu** I can’t adjust to this time schedule as it is day 3…

Other than my severe jet lag, I can’t really complain… Seriously, I have the coolest job ever, I get to travel the world and make music- Um, duh?

I’ve been @ Xenomania with Brian and Miranda and the rest of the crew all week, writing, recording, taking meetings, hanging out with rockstars, WAIT – BACK UP??? DID SHE SAY “ROCKSTARS”? Yeah, only JONNY MAHER… yes THE SMITHS JONNY? MODEST MOUSE JONNY? and um some little ‘ol band called THE PET SHOP BOYS – but it’s really no big deal, ;) Syke.

The full post at MySpace has since been removed.

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One thought on “Jessie Malakouti Hangs With Rock Stars In London

  1. jasmine wok says:

    I’ve hung with several stars as well but it rather hurt my neck.

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