Jessie Malakouti Not Impressed With Low Budget, Dull VMAs

Jessie Malakouti weighed in on last night’s MTV Video Music Awards on her blog at MySpace earlier today. The former singer writes:

Ok, is it just me or did the MTV VMA’s totally fu**ing suck?

Other than seeing Brit Brit smile, it was all very dull…
Can we say SUPER LOW BUDGET?????
And what was up with that “Stage”?

I was so excited because so many of my favorite artists were performing tonight, but the whole time I was watching all I could think of was how it was such a let down.. I won’t name names, but a lot of the performances were weak…. Granted, I can’t talk – I’ve never played the VMA’s, but you better believe next year I will be, and my performance will be a hell of a lot more exciting than 97% of what went on tonight… I’m so sick of how “safe” the music biz is right now, it’s really falling apart – Suits aren’t taking chances which is why we all hear the same damn 4 songs on the radio…. I personally cannot even listen to top 40 anymore, this may sound funny but I’ve been bumping Coast 103.5! hahahaha!!

The post at MySpace has since been removed.

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