Jewel Doesn’t Need To Pose In A Thong To Sell Music

In addition to turning down a spot on Rolling Stone’s Women in Rock issue as we reported earlier, the singer also was asked by Steppin’ Out magazine’s Chaunce Hayden if it bothered her more and more young female musicians are resorting to posing on the cover of men’s magazine in a thong in order to sell records and get radio play. “Well, it’s all about what you make it about. I’m terribly vain, but I haven’t been terribly vain about my lyrics! My vanity shows when I don’t want my cleavage to distract from my lyrics,” she said. “Nobody makes you parade your flesh in front of your music. The artists make that choice and that’s fine. I think Madonna’s been very responsible as far as liberating music and women, she’s been given a lot of credit for that. But it pretty much is dependent on sexually driven imaging. And it really set a precedent. But it’s not one you have to follow. I’ve sold 27 million records and guys find me very attractive and I’m still very sexy. There’s just a lot to be said for not showing it all.”

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