Jewel Fans Give Mixed Reaction To Bizarre Hampton Beach Show

Fans on ’s official fan forum weighed in on the singer’s controversial show at the Hampton Beach Ballroom Casino on Saturday night, many defending the singer’s angry and sarcastic tone with the audience. Sallyr writes, “Her voice was so beautiful and the performance flawless. What disappointed me was the venue and her reaction to it. She came to Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, and let me just say that the place was a dump (I had never been there before), and many of the people unruly and not really there as fans. I could feel her anger and tension with the crowd, and I cannot say that I blame her. Her set was shorter than I would have thought and her mannerisms and comments were hostile to say the least (not that I blame her). I just felt bad that her true fans were ‘punished’ because of the other losers in the crowd (and there were many, many of them). She smiled only when she first came out, and it felt like she was doing the bare minimum to satisfy her obligations.” RomeoPace added, “I was at both shows on Saturday, and the first show was good, not the best I’ve seen her at, but still very good. Most people at the first were really into it. The second show was truly horrible. Jewel was amazing, but she was pissed. One comment was ‘I’ve been in fist fights funner than this’. Most of the crowd had no respect for her. It was truly sad.”

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