Jewel Fixes Her Snaggletooth For June Carter Cash Role

Jewel and her fixed snaggletooth as June Carter Cash

checked in with her Twitter followers (@jeweljk) on the set of her Lifetime TV movie ‘Ring of Fire’, the upcoming biopic is based on the memoir ‘Anchored in Love: An Intimate Portrait of June Carter Cash’ by June and John Carter’s son John Carter Cash. As part of the role, and perhaps for other reasons, the 38-year-old singer songwriter had her famous snaggletooth fixed, tweeting a photo of the results. Jewel writes:

Been working hard to be up to speed for my first scenes for the June Carter Cash story. Begin shooting Tuesday. But I miss my tweets – how are you all?

Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth

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3 thoughts on “Jewel Fixes Her Snaggletooth For June Carter Cash Role

  1. Jeff Avis says:


  2. Coach McGuirk says:

    Good for her, but it’s sad that people have to mock and ridicule an otherwise attractive woman for one crooked tooth. Yes she has a lot of money, I’m sure, but the people who can’t afford to cap a tooth at up to $5,000 per, with no insurance help, don’t feel much better when famous people are mostly known for their horrible deformity of having been born with un-perfect smiles.

  3. Steve K says:

    I thought Jewel was hot even with the F’ed up teeth.

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