Jewel Happy With Her (And Ty’s) ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partners

updated fans on her official web site’s blog as she and husband Ty Murray continue to prepare for the new season of ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

When I signed on to the show, I was really worried I wouldn’t get along with my partner. I was worried he’d be arrogant or impatient or critical (’cause that happens), but Dmitry couldn’t be a nicer or a more talented guy. His parents raised him well!

Ty lucked out with his partner too- she is ADORABLE! She’s very good, and also has the cutest personality. She’s 19 and just bursting with energy. Since we spend so many hours a day together, its a good thing we all get along- especially when you are in such a difficult position as this. It’s very nerve wracking to learn something so difficult, so fast, and on camera! If you had a teacher that humiliated you on top of it, it would be that much harder!

The entire message at has since been removed.

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