Jewel: I’m Using Cortisone, Not Anabolic Steroids

updated fans on her official web site’s blog on Saturday (February 28), clarifying her prior comment that she was taking steroids to deal with tendonitis while training for ‘Dancing with the Stars’. As popdirt posted describing her original message, it was likely she was referring to cortisone, not an anabolic steroid. The singer songwriter tells readers:

By the way; I’m not on STEROIDS! It’s not what you are thinking. Man, I had no idea that would cast me as the new A-ROD!! Haha, it’s not that type of thing! It’s cortisone, an ANTI INFLAMITORY MEDICINE, it’s all to bring the swelling down. It doesn’t make me stronger, or cause me to grow facial hair or anything! No ‘roid rage!’ I wont start telling Ty “Come here and give daddy a kiss!” I won’t have superhuman strength and be lifting my dance partner up over my head and spinning him! It’s not a performance enhancing or dance enhancing drug; just anti-inflammatory medicine. Geez, I gotta be careful with my words! :)

The entire message at has since been removed.

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