Jewel: ‘Lullaby’ A Return To Form, Not Formula

updated fans on her blog at her official web site on Saturday (March 14), talking about her night out with hubby Ty Murray at Nobu, meeting up with Perez Hilton, and her new album ‘Lullaby’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

As for ‘Lullaby’, I think that you discerning fans will think of this album as a “return to form,” whatever that means, but it’s not a return to formula. I am not 19, and so I can never get in a time machine and be or sound like I was when I was 19 on my first album. This album is stripped down and showcases my vocals, writing and unique style more than any album since then, but it reflects my growth as a singer and a writer over time as well. I’m 34 and I have grown and tried to retain what’s special from when I was 19, while also, dare I hope, get better at singing and producing. I think you will be pleased, especially if you listen to it as its own thing.

The entire post and pictures at have since been removed.

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