Jewel On Trying To Tour While Trying To Start A Family

updated fans on her official web site on Thursday (April 30), where the singer songwriter addressed fans who have wondered when she plans on touring outside North America. Jewel writes:

So, I know I haven’t been to Europe or Australia or anywhere, really, to tour in quite some time, and fans are asking if I have plans to. I quit doing [world] tours a few albums back because it took 2 years to do. That was fine when I was single, but it was hard on a relationship. I have tried to balance this career with a love life, and have had to let some things loosen up a little, like world touring unfortunately! – BUT I miss you all over there and would love to do some theatres solo acoustic and will start looking at it for sure. My only dilemma is that Ty and I want to start a family, and I’m trying to figure out what things to take on- Lullaby CD, country album, US tour, Ty’s and mine own TV show, Dancing with the Stars, world tour… ? A burden of riches!! So we will feel our way through this and see what we can manage, and still start a family since that’s something that can’t wait. I’m almost 35- no spring chicken! Haha!

The entire message at has since been removed.

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