Jewel Premieres ‘Intuition’ On TRL

stopped by MTV’s Total Request Live on Friday to premiere her new video ‘Intuition’ from her forthcoming ‘0304’ album and talked about her image and genre transformation from folk to hip hop and pop, while still maintaining thoughtful lyrical content. Read on for a transcript.

TRL: You guys, we all know our next guest, but you’re going to be
to be surprised by the new look in the new video. She’s changed up. Please
welcome jewel.

[ Cheers and applause ] How are you? Good to see you. Come on over here.
We have a ton of people outside. Good to have you here. Thank you for coming.

Jewel: I can’t even hear you.

TRL: You seem pretty happy. Laid back. You seem like you’re used to
the spotlight, of course.

Jewel: I have been around a little while.

TRL: A little while. Sure. Let’s talk of the — i guess you could say
the earlier jewel sound, it was the acoustic guitar, footish games kind
of thing. We have the new video which we’ll show you in a secd. Why the
new sound though?

Jewel: Two reasons. I just wanted to have fun. I’m making music i really
enjoy and combine kinds of music i like, like jazz, dance, hip hip-hop.
It’s fun.

TRL: Awesome. You kind of answered that, but your album, why is it called

Jewel: It has a really simple meaning, but my fans have gotten into
breaking it down into number code and stuff. I’m waiting to see a good
one and then I’ll see wha that’s what I thought of.

TRL: Sur — surfing the internet.

Jewel: I’m letting people speculate for a while.

TRL: Like you said, it is more hip-hop driven and rock?

Jewel: It’s combined. The record — I wanted this record — I don’t
know. I wanted this record to make people feel young and sexy and hopefully
smart on top of it all.

TRL: Cool.

TRL: Good to feel young and sexy. Are you afraid of losing the fans
that were kind of with you in your inception? You know, the ones who kind
of were digging the foalsy and raw sound of your music? Are you taking
the step and losing that fan base?

Jewel: I think my fans have always relied on my lyrics. I think. And
the lyrics are still there. I’m talking about a lot of the same issue,
social issues, my life and what I’m going through. My voice still sounds
like me, so I don’t think so. I think my fans will recognize me.

TRL: That’s right.

TRL: Got a good beat.

TRL: We saw the video. It’s awesome. Like you’re wearing some skimpy
outfits. Some people are saying you’re doing that to parody the rap videos
and other videos. Others are saying it’s a new way to market yourself?

Jewel: I had a lot of fun, that’s the main thing. I have been told so
much in my career — I have been told so much in my career that you can’t
be sexy and smart and you should down play being beautiful so you can come
off smart. You can be both and while —

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: That’s true.

TRL: That’s awesome.

Jewel: That’s the main thing. It is also that my life is a pair pennsylvania
a paradoxal. I have things that i believe in and I stand for something,
but I’m in a business where i make money selling my ideas. That’s a paradox.
You know f you hide from that and lie about that, it’s a lie so i talk
about it in the video.

TRL: Very cool. We’re getting ready to show the video right now. Do
you want to introduce it?

Jewel: Okay. I’m very excited —

TRL: Right here.

Jewel: What is my brand new video. Called “intuition.” Everybody, call
any you love it.

[ Cheers and applause ]

TRL: All right. That was your video. I love it. I love it so much.

Jewel: Do you guys like quit?

TRL: Do you like it? Kaup chaup it is so clever and so smart. You have
a fan question for jewel?

TRL: What was funny about the video, i can’t tell which are your graphics
and our graphics. You made yourself number one. What a surprise.

TRL: So we’re here with tamara. You dug the video obviously?

TRL: Yeah, it was a great video. I really liked it a lot. Your change
wasn’t too drastic. It was real nice. You’re a beautiful person. My question
for you –[ Cheers and applause ] — My question for you is like how we
said you had trl in your video. I’m wondering why you decided to parody
trl with your video?

Jewel: I used a lot of recognizable pop icons and trl is famous. Everybody
recognizes that crawl. It was a good thing to do. I like a chance to say
now that you’re dancing you sound better. That’sty lairs you.

TRL: Cute.

TRL: Hopefully the graphic will be the art will be real life.

Jewel: A lot of people, my friends didn’t know it wasn’t put on there
by me. They thought they were watching a real one.

TRL: When damien and i watched that, oh, it’s a number one. Awesome.

Jewel: Just a little psychology there.

TRL: Make et a real number one, you guys. Thank you for stopping by.
So nice to have you here. We love the new look and the new sound.

Jewel: Thank you.

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