Jewel Society For Singer Songwriters With Snaggle Teeth PSA

Jewel PSA for the Society for Singer Songwriters with Snaggle Teeth (SSSST)Last night’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ featured doing a PSA for a cause she cares deeply about – The Society for Singer Songwriters with Snaggle Teeth (SSSST).

“Did you know that 78% of American women are unhappy with the way they look,” Jewel asked. “Hi, I’m Jewel. People are always asking me why don’t I get my teeth fixed. Well, I’m proud of my flaws, and you should be too. Not only do I think my horrible snaggletooth is uniquely beautiful, it also comes in handy. It can open bottles, cans of soup, and even pesky bike locks. But my mangled chompers are more than just a party trick, this mouth has saved lives. So don’t look in the mirror and see your flaws. Look in the mirror and see a solution. Just be proud of who you are.”

Watch the comedy clip at YouTube.

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