Jewel Talks About Star Light Cafe Tour


updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jewel) on Thursday (July 22), discussing her Star Light Cafe Tour and writing a song for each stop on the June trek. The singer songwriter tells readers:

I spent my entire youth on the road – from when I was a kid singing and touring my home state of ….Alaska…., to when I got signed at 18 opening for others bands, doing 40 cities every 30 days, 4 and 5 shows a day for years. Then when I made it big I toured the world nonstop. When I released an album I toured for 2 years nonstop in Asia, ..Australia.., ..Europe.. and the states, then I’d make another album and do it again. When I met my husband and we started getting serious, I took a moment to look at a lot of my peers. A lot of the musicians I idolized lived on the road and it seemed like their personal lives may have suffered for it. I didn’t want music to be the only great thing in my life. So I did something that isn’t very popular in my business – I downsized. I turned things down. I made less money. I worked less. But what I gained was a balanced lifestyle that allows me to pay attention to more than just music. I still tour and make music, but I don’t mind doing it on a smaller, more livable scale.

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