Jewel’s Feet Taking A Beating Preparing For ‘Dancing With The Stars’

updated fans on her official web site’s blog, talking about her participation in ‘Dancing with the Stars’. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Well, I’m really in for it! Holy cow! You guys, this dancing is HARD! I knew it would be when I signed on, but I had no idea what a toll it would take on my feet. People have been dancing for hundreds of years and yet, in all that time, no one figured out how to make comfortable dancing shoes for women?

I have 11 blisters and tears on my feet after two days of dancing. I guess I have very soft and tender feet or something, but my dance shoes are eating my feet alive. The entire left side of my pinky toe has been torn off; it’s just gross. I hope I can keep them taped up enough to keep dancing on them. Speaking of dancing, it’s soooooo hard! I look like such a fool, I can’t even tell you.

The rest of the post, including a photo of Jewel’s blistered feet (TMI), has since been removed at

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