Jewish Publicist Snubs Shakira Over E-Mail Rumor

The New York Post reports a publicist who is Jewish paid too much attention to rumors at Shakira’s post Madison Square Garden concert bash at Suede on Wednesday night. Several months ago a nasty e-mail went around falsely accusing Shakira, who is half-Lebanese, of making anti-Semitic remarks. When came in to sit with a group of pals, the publicist ran off, saying she “wouldn’t sit at a table with Shakira.”

You Haven’t Lived A Full Life If You Haven’t Seen Shakira’s Booty Shake Live

November 20, 2002 – Elias Perez of was on hand at the concert at the the Hewlett Packard Pavilion in San Jose last week and admitted, “I got the feeling on this night that if you were of Latin descent and lived in the South Bay Area, this was, hands down, the place to be.” He added, “Shakira was everything that embodies the term rockstar: wild, enthusiastic, cocky and ohhh my god! ever so sexy. Now, I had pretty good seats but there were guys way closer than me with binoculars glued to their faces, and I have to admit I was jealous. Shakira’s trademark move is indeed the seductive booty shake, and if you haven’t seen it live, you haven’t lived a full life.”

The complete review at has since been removed.

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