Jill Dahne Offers Passion Predictions For Pop Stars

Psychic to the stars Jill Dahne shared with Star magazine her passion predictions, including those for Britney Spears and *NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake, whom she says “will be checking out engagement rings.” Meanwhile, Justin’s bandmate Lance Bass and Christina Aguilera will do a duet “that strikes such a sweet note that they fall in love.” As for and fiance Ben Affleck, Dahne says their marriage is “coming soon” and to “expect the couple to purchase even more property – in Texas and Puerto Rico, the land of her ancestors.”

Bill Romanowski’s New Nickname

January 23, 2003 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday, “I was reading about this Oakland Raiders’ linebacker, Bill Romanowski, is that his name? He already has four Super Bowl rings. He has four rings. You know what his nickname is? Jennifer Lopez.”

Conan O’Brien Links To New Federal Report

January 23, 2003 – Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue last night, “According to a new federal port — I love federal reports. Did you hear this? America’s Hispanic population has increased by 60% in recent years. They are now the nation’s largest minority group. It’s amazing. Yeah, true story. Yeah, the finding was revealed in a new report called, ‘How to explain the success of J.Lo.'”

‘Work It’ To Premiere Next Week On MTV

January 23, 2003 – Contributed by kkim: According to Extra TV, Justin Timberlake’s and Nelly’s video for ‘Work It’ will premiere on MTV next week. An exact date was not given.

Addresses Internet Music Piracy

January 23, 2003 – Capital FM posted a transcript to Justin’s interview on the London radio station the other day. They asked the *NSYNC star his views on internet piracy in light of Robbie Williams comments that he thought it was ‘cool’. “I think that right now it’s at a state where it could get out of hand,” Justin said. “If they don’t find a way to regulate it or a cool way to make it happen, then everybody is going to be up the creek without a paddle. As much as we are artists and we love doing what we do for the art of it, it’s also our livelihood. I personally don’t have much of a problem with it, I just think there’s a way to do it. You don’t see actors getting their movies up on the internet before they are out in the theater. This is the only business where stuff like that is possible. I don’t think they call it piracy for no reason.”

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