Jim And EJ Are Out Of American Idol While RJ Recovers

Wednesday night’s ‘American Idol’ saw EJ Day get the fewest amount of votes with Jim Verraros getting the second fewest votes. That means the two are out of the competition. You gotta wonder if fans confused AJ Gil with EJ, as he and Jim were by far the poorest performances.

Meanwhile, the other ‘J’, RJ Helton, was involved in an accident following last night’s show. Access Hollywood reports that RJ fell off the stage shortly following Tuesday’s show screaming “I can’t move! I can’t move!” He had slipped and fell about three feet, landing in a constructed hole in the stage. Lying motionless, fellow contestants Tamyra and Justin rushed to his side. Tamyra said, “We knew he was going to be okay, and we prayed for him. And everything is great. Everything turned out fine.” Ryan Starr added, “He was walking, and the stage was really complex. Lot of lights, holes and monitors and dangerous stage. And they told us to be careful, ’cause some people fell in the crew already.”

Everyone was then rushed out of the area. The contestants were brought to the red room, where they were witnessed hugging, crying and visibly shaken. All the while, R.J. Still motionless on the floor, being attended to by paramedics. R.J. Was then brought to the emergency room, where X-rays showed there were no serious injuries, though he did suffer a lower back sprain. He was then brought to Cedars-Sinai for another checkup. That’s were he voluntarily spent the night.

Simon Cowell Talks To Kidd Kraddick

July 16, 2002 – ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell was on with Kidd Kraddick last week where he shared his thoughts about the music industry and his true feelings for his fellow judges, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson. Simon talked about how he had to hire bodyguards, the amount of luck in the business, and how Britney Spears became successful because she was given a hit song (‘Baby One More Time’). Simon swears the incident with Randy was never, ever rehearsed. Audio has since been removed.

Gunman Tries To Enter ‘American Idol’ Studio

July 13, 2002 – Los Angeles police on Friday arrested a stagehand who tried to drive a car packed with rifles, handguns and ammunition into a television studio owned by CBS, police and network officials said. CBS declined to say what show was being taped on the lot, but a source said the program in question was FOX’s ‘American Idol.’

RJ Helton Advances In ‘American Idol’ Wild Card

July 11, 2002 – RJ Helton was last night’s wild card that moved on to the finals in ‘American Idol’. Helton definitely showed the most improvement from his previous performance, though is likely a longshot to move very far in the competition. From here on in, all ‘America Idol’ episodes will air live. Two contestants will get the boot each week. Given how it is nearly impossible for a solo male pop star to have much success in the U.S., if Simon Cowell is smart, look for him to steer the voters to send Tamyra Gray and Christina Christian to battle it out in the finals.

Tonight’s ‘American Idol’ Promises To Be Most Shocking

July 10, 2002 – Extra TV has a preview of tonight’s ‘American Idol’, which they say “the biggest shock of the show so far will happen” tonight. Meanwhile, judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson gave their psychological impressions of Mr. Nasty and what motivates him to be so mean.

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